Friday, May 4, 2012

You still have to shave your legs: Lessons in Photoshop

Happy Friday! 
Hope your week was great! I have really learned the lesson this week of allowing my routine and my schedule to be a blessing to others. How? Well if  I see upwards of eight clients in ONE day, those are 8 people I can bless or curse with my attitude, with how much I listen to them, if I am genuine. I want to chose to BLESS people and those who come across my path. If I choose I can have an impact on them, like no other person that day... THAT is huge and a huge lesson for me!! Gettin' after it!  

You still have to Shave your Legs: 
Lessons in Photoshop

We all have seen the magazine covers, ads etc where there is photo editing going on. Sometimes it's excessive, sometimes just little tweaking is done. I had my amazing photo shoot with LHGFX in Minneapolis in March and my finished photos are back!!! 

I wanted to show you guys that there was some tweaking done, but that in a few of these, I think my UNEDITED image/body looks the same and even a little better! 

Image 1, you can see that my muscles are that shaped and my abs ARE there in the unedited pic!! Score!! 
Here the photographer edited the color cropped the pic and ma have shaved a PINCH off my belly...maybe... can you tell? 
Either way, this is a great point of my phrase: YOU STILL HAVE TO SHAVE YOUR LEGS! You still have to do the work! Fitness models have to be on track with their diet, their workouts and their dedication to start with. The photo editing cleans up some of the "flaws" but won't make someone cut or ripped etc. I love this pic and the saying even more: 
STRONG BODIES start with the MIND.   

  Edited Picture     Unedited Picture

Here the editing is a little different. First of all, I said sure take my leg tattoo out... But the shorts were cut a little lower in the edits and my skin which is folding over on the right (CLICK TO ENLARGE THESE) is out. YES ladies, everyone has skin that folds over. 

 You can see my arms are the same (yay!!) and my abs too, but in the edits, they are smoother, my booty a PINCH rounder (that took a bit for me to notice)Skin tone is smoothed out and I believe my waist LOOKS leaner in the edit, because my booty was rounded!  Over all, there are edits, you can see them and they aren't TOO noticeable till you look at them side by side. 

  Edited Picture     Unedited Picture

Models aren't airbrushed into SHAPE, they are in shape to begin with. Sometimes they are shaped by the edits, a little off the side, a little off the bottom and back, but you can't make someone out of shape in shape. I feel like sometimes models or magazines get a lot of grief for what they do. Granted, I am talking about fitness, not JUST editing to make people appear younger or skin more even, or more beautiful... 

Do we not give models and fitness models enough credit for the lifestyle it takes to be that in shape?? 
Do we give media too much grief for a little touch up or do they EDIT TOO Much??   

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