Monday, May 21, 2012

Desserts spelled backwards?

I don't like to confess that I am stressed out, but sometimes we end up with too much on our plates. Stressed? Desserts? One is good in moderation, one is NOT! 

I believe that DEEP DOWN, my real me, that I am a joyful person. When I am stressed out...what does that look like? I think I am stating facts about what is getting to me, what I am facing or the things I have to do, but that turns into negative talk. I don't make time for the things I love, my lifting suffers, my blog sits dusty, my bible stares at me from the corner. Working out, work, wedding, projects etc... I don't want to forfeit my joy because my circumstances seem overwhelming, but it's happened to me before and someone pointed out to me it's happened again. 

Honestly its the worst time for it to happen too, summer is on the way, my wedding is 40 days away, why do I want to forfeit my joy at this time in my life, It's an AMAZING time, I am letting all that can be bringing me joy, bring me down! I don't want to look back and remember stress, I want to look back and remember joy!  Not happy with somethings in your life? 


... but I am called to be happy despite my circumstances. 

SO, what does the bible say about what I am facing and feeling? That is the real solution for me... see what the bible says, claim it, proclaim it!! I mean, all I was saying was how I had no time, how I was behind, had so much to do, I let negative thoughts come out my mouth and turn into confessions! 

NO! “We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ."

Ghandi said: "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet." And I will not let my thoughts rule my world, I will take them captive, and compare them to the word of GOD and then decide if they stay or go! That is my goal this turn my negative thoughts into positive confessions... 

Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed, losing your joy or finding you are being negative when really you are a positive person? What do you do to combat that?? 

Since my last blog post I have done some really FUN things!! 
We had our wedding cake tasting!! 

Me, MACK and Mini Mack at the cake tasting!! 

We tried four custom pieces and LOVED them, a hard, but delicious choice! We settled on Red Velvet with Raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting! 

I volunteered at the Anytime Fitness River RUN! Our gym put on and launched an amazing race, and all the trainers helped by setting up, handing out water etc, it was a good time and for a good cause, the money went to charity! 

We had our first annual Itasca County Campstravaganza, meaning we went up north and roughed it for about 36 hours! It was beautiful up north, MACK and Mini Mack love camping, thank goodness! We got some great pics of nature, this is one. :) 

LIfe is FULL & Fantastic and if we feel overwhelmed, we can clear our schedule for a while or a week or whatever! If we don't want to, we can chose to simply clear our minds of the negative thoughts and turn them all around into positive ones. Take every thought captive, chose thankfulness, take the attitude above the circumstances and be joyful DESPITE! It can be done--I am doing it! Have a great week!! 
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