Thursday, May 31, 2012

100 Reps: 2 weeks

Hey!! How are your workouts this week?? Mine have been tough and GOOD!! 

Confession: After my last show, my workouts were a bit BLAH. 
I felt I wasn't sure what direction to go in, but love lifting and wanted to continue to move forward in building muscle! 

A co-worker told me what he was doing, a 100 rep workout for 2 weeks: 

Take 4 exercises that 
engage the same muscle 
Do 5 sets of 
5 repetitions

The point is to lift heavy, nearly heavy enough that you can only do the 5 reps, rotate through the 4 exercises, 5 sets and 5 reps quickly. It should only take 45 minutes, so you keep your heart rate racing and working hard= 100 fast, hard, heavy reps!

1 Hammer Curl 
2 Incline Curl 
3 concentration Curl 
4 Preacher Curl 

You can cycle through this all four exercises 5 times in a row OR do one set of hammer curls then crunch or plank or jump squat for 30 seconds to keep your heart rate up, then knock out the rest of the hammer curls/crunch set before moving on. Either way you end up doing 25 reps of each move, 100 reps total! I confess, it doesn't feel overly hard when you are done, sure it's hard to lift heavy in the moment, but that burn doesn't show up till the next day... be ready!

You are what you DECIDE to eat!! 
Everyday, I talk to people about what they eat. After a holiday weekend it's always filled with people who feel they did bad, they ate "off plan" or just plain gave in... Am I perfect? No way! I have my treat meals, I have my days where I fall short of what I want, but I don't fool myself into thinking I don't know why. Surprised at no results when there is no effort? Please! 

I went to a wedding this weekend, I had 2 cupcakes, I skipped the cheese and sour cream on my meal, I swapped out what I wanted for what I didn't need. Was the cupcake a good choice? Not the best, it certainly won't help me toward my goals, but it was a treat at a wedding. I chose it. I embraced it, I by NO MEANS blamed it or felt trapped by it, i didn't feel compelled to have it JUST because it was there. WE can choose what we eat! Never feel trapped on vacation, at a friends house, at a party, wedding or dinner out... you can ALWAYS choose good for you, take that power and own it. Stop making excuses!

We have 30 days from TODAY till I get to be bride myself and I am SO excited!! Going to the wedding this weekend really was a fun taste of our big day! Congrats to my friends Adam and Renee for your amazing day! Here is Me, Mack and a tired Mini Mack at the reception! This weekend is my 2nd bridal shower AND I get to see Joyce Meyer at the Minneapolis Target Center!! Such an amazing weekend ahead!  

Do you feel trapped by food or obligated to eat? What measures do you take to take control back or give control to God? 

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