Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Your calling is CALLING

Have you ever felt like giving up on a dream?
I have, 100 times over.
There are dreams which are rooted deep in our hearts, from the begining of time.
There are small dreams we think of everyday, there are big dreams we never even let out or tell anyone about.

Some people dream of having a family, finding love, getting out of poverty, some people dream of being able to read, lose weight, have a job they love or just being able to walk around the block.

When our dream is deep in our hearts, one that just won't go away, often it's not just about US, not just a dream, but a purpose. We may not see it that way. Get a bigger vision!! Did I think when I became a trainer that my dream was going to be a purpose for others, that I was going to have the impact I do? No! I knew I wanted to be a trainer, so I went for it. 

God has a bigger dream, a bigger purpose for your heart's desire than you can even IMAGINE!! 

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within.
Ephesians 3:20

HE is at work WITHIN US!! We have a purpose, that dream in your heart, that one that just won't let go, that is him at WORK in you!! The God of the universe cares so much for you that he is working on you and in you to make you more and more like Christ! What an awesome call!! 

Don't give up! 
When you feel like giving up, DON'T! God isn't giving up on you, he will continue to work, and we have to too! We do the natural, we do what we are supposed to do and he will do the rest!! 

Check out IFBB Pro Nicole Wilkins! She won the Olympia, but she started out just exactly where we are! These pictures are 7 years apart, 2005-2012... She didn't stop training, trying, pressing forward, she HEARD her calling calling and she didn't give up!! 

What ever it is you are dreaming of, called to do, can't let go of or won't let go of you, take heart! God is working, he is aiming to perfect us to do his will, lasting work for his kingdom, he knows your purpose, that tug you feel in your heart and he values it! 

We must be consistent, we must see the hope that is ahead of us, the plans he has for us are GOOD, he will COMPLETE the work he started in us! 

NO matter how big or small your dream, he will use you, if you are willing to answer the call! Your calling is calling, are you going to answer?? 

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