Saturday, June 16, 2012

Food Prep tips and tricks!

I posted this pic on facebook of some food I was prepping in bluk last week and had a number of you wanting some tips and tricks on what to do!!


Pick a day! It works for some to pick a day to do it all, for me, that day rotates because right now, life is full all the time so when I can grab a few hours in the kitchen I do! Most people pick Sunday because it's low key, at home and it's the firswt day of the week!

Meal Plan: yes, start with a meal plan! You need a plan and a base. Find out your calorie needs for your goals and then create a meal plan filled with lean protein, colorful veggies, fruit, grains and healthy fats! Have your base meal plan handy and BRING it shopping. Keeping it on your phone is a great way to never forget what you need!

Do it all at once. Cook all the chicken at once, assembly line style on the grill or a few hours in bulk in the crock pot! Cook all your veggies at once, sautee in batches and add different spices as you go!

Chop all your veggies early and at once, you can even have some quart size baggies on hand and freeze some as you go so the next time you cook, it's easier still!!

Simple but spicy: Keep it kind of simple! You can have your base of rice, quinoa or your fave grain, your lean protein of any kind and your veggies! Make all these and simply keep all spices on deck, have one batch be cajun, one italian, one curry!! Use fresh juices like lemon, lime, cranberry or orange with FRESH herbs and spices. You may be eating fish and broccoli, but one is cilantro lime with and the other coconut curry... Simple, but DIFFERENT!

Freeze: Make extra to freeze! Chop extra to freeze, make twice as much chicken and freeze in bulk or single baggies for quick grabbing! I made a stack of protein pancakes and froze them, just so they wouldn't get soggy..2 turns in the toaster, they were hot and crispy!! 

There you go, my tips on cooking for the week! What is your best method for cooking for the week? What is your go to meal you NEVER get sick of? 

I love this!! I love having a strong body, but I couldn't do it without having a strong spirit and mind set on the hope that God gives me!! I plan my workouts for the week, I just gave you tips on planning meals, do you plan daily to keep your spirit strong? 

My confession: I have not been reading the bible the way I should, God has been getting the crumbs of my time. I am planning, starting today, to change that. There is no way, I want to have a weak week or a weak anything!!  

Wedding update!! 

We got our marriage license last week and we only have 15 days left till our big day! We are so excited! Everything is set to go-- my mother-in-law, myself and my mom are going to get flowers last minute from the farmers market and make our own bouquets and that is the only thing left! 

Here is our SWEET Custom Cake Topper: 
the baby bunny on it is Mini-MACK, if you have noticed in some of the blogs, he is there, I will be Step-Mary as well as new wife!! SUCH a sweet part of life!! 

My Bridesmaids threw me a shower and it was awesome, I got tons of great gifts, including a honeymoon bag of goodies... we are taking a surprise honeymoon, meaning we are believing God for the right place and his timing to go!! I really felt showered with love by my girlfriends and loved this bag.. of course since its an anchor.... 

SPEAKING of... that's 15 days left to enjoy being a SAILORS! 


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