Friday, July 27, 2012

Egg Muffins, Back & Bi workout & 30 days!

Right now, it's 68 degrees, I plan on doing some painting outdoors, a run and maybe a pedi if I have time. It's also date night with my husband, dinner and a movie outside at a friends house, so FUN
I LOVE breakfast food and luckily you can do breakfast up pretty healthy!  On Facebook, I follow Scott Dorn Fitness. If you don't follow, you should, he has some great tips on clean eating and GOOD food! I tried his Egg Muffins below: 

They are easy because you can make as many or as few as you want or have ingredients for! They are the perfect snack size or serving size for one person, they are easy, fast and great for kids--all around WIN! 

Spray a pan lightly with olive oil and take sliced turkey ( you COULD use ham or bacon too, but turkey is leaner for you guys watching the waistline!)lay one piece down in each muffin round.

 Then add two big leaves of spinach and some "filler". I dropped in a few pieces chopped onion and mushroom. 

Crack a full egg on top and top with just a PINCH of cheese. You could also dollop a bit (1/2 T.) of cottage cheese under the egg. 

Place in a preheated oven for 15-20 min until fully cooked. Slide out, freeze, fridge, enjoy!! 

At 20 min the egg is fully cooked, yolk and all, I am going to shorten my cook time next round to 15 and see if I can't get the egg to be soft boiled consistency! 

Enjoy on the side of fruit, protein pancakes or alone in a jiffy!

MACK and I did a great back and bicep workout together at the gym the other day! I love how we both love working out and can do it together! It's great!! 

Latpull down (back) three sets 100#
hammer curls (biceps)three sets 20#
single arm row (back) three sets 45#
21's (biceps) one set 40#
Bent over row (back) three sets 50#
*Bicep curl partner resisted  

*These are killer. MACK helped me by pulling down just slightly on a light (non-weighted) bar as I pulled UP on it. No set number of reps, just a time of 30 plus seconds in a mostly isometric motion, but WOW. Give that a shot for some great gains in strength!! Did you know, research shows that 94 percent of couples stick with their workouts when they work out together? Thanks Fitness Mag and Jari Love, CPT! 

We've made it 30 days! On Monday, it is our ONE MONTH wedding anniversary!! What a sweet month it's been! Married life has been everything I thought it would be and THEN some, I just thought our place would be cleaner by now! 

Have a GREAT weekend!! 

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