Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gaining to gain and keeping it consistent

Hey all!! A blog post? REALLY?? I know, I have been MIA, my computer is having technical difficulties and I am getting used to a new schedule as a married woman!! BUT I have been learning a lot the past few weeks! 

All the trainers at my gym went on a 2 day retreat to meet on new procedures etc and talk over how we work! It was a great time, really productive, we ate amazing food and had some time in the sun too! It was a great time to reset and bond with the team! 

I gained weight!! I know, right, isn't the point to maintain a trim figure and/or LOSE? Well, I am gaining to gain. Some people will gain weight, a lot of weight after their wedding because they trained and dieted for that ONE day! Not me, I am gaining to GAIN! I added 6 lbs, slowly (since June) to gain muscle as I lean out. So I ate about 80% clean, I didn't aim to gain 10lbs, or more, but knew my BF would be up as well. 

Over and over it's been proven to me that my clean eating, eating through the day and heavy lifting keep me lean and mean, so I scaled back the "clean eating". I ate butter, I ate pasta, I ate when I was hungry, I had eggs, lots of them, with cheese, I had popcorn and I am up 6 lbs!  

Game plan now is to blast the lifting, starting with really heavy leg days to release growth hormones and jack things up a bit! I am also focusing on heavy weights and compound moves: 
clean and press
and work on weaning down the body fat while keeping and building muscle. I am aiming for high fiber!! Read LOTS of veggies with my protein! 

LUNCH 2x a day! 

I am also being consistent, because that is key, day in and day out, leaner diet, more fiber, high protein and getting plenty of healthy fats too and fat burning foods! Water, water, water which I am working on (my struggle!) and doing a clean eating campaign!! Not that we can't enjoy treat meals (bring em back baby!), but keeping those 20% foods I was enjoying for treat days, back to 90% clean and watching the lean mass go up and BF down!! 

Leg day and shoulders: 
Leg press 150# 12*3
Front Squat 50# 12*3 (lighter than it should be) 
Single leg KB deadlift 25# 8each leg 3 sets

Shoulder press machine 45# 8*3
clean and Press with bent over row 60# 8*3
Single arm rear delt fly 20# 10each arm 3sets 

Get after it! 
What was your workout today?? 

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