Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peace, REST and conditioning!

Happy Saturday everyone!
Lately I have been thinking about ALL the aspects of working out that we don't always put importance on. For me, I am thinking of stretching, massage and foam rolling.

It's so important to make sure out bodies and muscles are recovering properly with SLEEP, FOOD, and RECOVERY. You don't see growth and gains if you never ever take rest!!

Muscles are just like FAITH, to see growth we need to stretch them and JUST like Jesus went to the wilderness to rest and be with God to stay on the right path, we need to rest and do all we can for recovery to be on the right path.

Recently I was scolded by a massage therapist for how I sleep which is causing trouble with my muscles. She gave me stretches to do, she suggested new ways to lay at night and she suggested a few more trips to her to get the problem areas fixed!

I trust her, it's her job to do the bodywork I need, and massage releases tension so my muscles can relax, recover and grow! PLUS what she is doing will aid in sleep and that is a huge part of recovery. Our muscles rebuild and repair when we take breaks from working out and when we sleep, it's ESSENTIAL to recovery!

I am also doing more foam rolling, probably about 3 times a week on my legs specifically and always after a heavy leg day or the day before one. Tight ITbands and hammies have been throwing other areas out of whack and affecting my health too, everything is SO intertwined!

With ALL I do to build and work muscles, they need to be properly taken care of: rest, stretches, recovery and PEACE will prosper us body, soul and spirit! 

PEACE will reign in our hearts if we are focused on God first!
Peace inside is essential to rest of all kinds, need peace? Turn here: Deuteronomy 29:29, James 1:5-7, Psalm 62:7, Psalm 6:6-9, Isaiah 26:3-- set your mind on Christ and his word and find peace!!

My weekends with mini-mack are amazing and I love my family so very much! Having a house where God reigns and his peace prevails is SO important. Its the water to the seeds we sow, it's the recovery to the hard work, its what makes a house a home ! Oh and look who got flowers at work Friday, yep, I sure did...Love is great too. Thanks MACK!

Since I am up in weight and am starting to tweak my diet to lean down, conditioning is becoming my best friend. Plyo's, sprints, burpees, box jumps and little gems like these are the icing on the already hard workout cake! Burpee to a pull up, they are a HUGE challenge for us vertically challenged!! Excellent for core, arms, back and your heart! Fabulous fat burning love!

Conditioning workout:
10 reps three rounds:
TWO 30 second sprint's
burpee pull up
renegade row to bicep curl
squat jumps
and MB slams.


How do you take time to rest and recover??

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