Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Camping recap and a new goal?

Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday, it's almost gone!
I am really happy to announce, that I was the feature in Muscle Sport Magazine as "Today's Ammatures, Tomorrows Pros"! It's such an honor!! I am aiming for my procard, so it's a great honor!

Our little MACK family went CAMPING! We love to, this summer, because of the wedding we only went twice, this time was to an AMAZING camp ground near the Great Lake of Superior, in Duluth, Minnesota! It is gorgeous up there!!

I was determined to do better than our last camping trip and make sure my family has clean eats AND a nice variety with a little fun! So I spent the first three days of the week planning away!

There were pancakes (a protein shaker for batter works wonders!) Tuna melts using a cast iron sandwich maker, oranges, celery and carrots for snacks, turkey burgers, omelets (in a bag, on the fire), homemade pizza pockets and a clean eating fruit pie with apples and peanut butter and a light cottage cheese salad which will be better next time I make it!!

Clean eating with kids has been a whole new ball game for me, I am enjoying the challenge though!  

MACK and MINI MACK at Lake Superior!
So, I am contemplating a goal of a photo shoot with a little more weight and BF% than my last as my next goal, I won't be competing till the spring anyway and that magazine spread is a FINE kick in the butt to get moving and STAY moving forward.  I will follow up on what is next when it's final!!

What is your favorite healthy recipe for your family and kids??

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