Friday, September 14, 2012

What does it take for you to start over ?

What does it take for you to start over when you have gotten off track? I posed that question to my face book followers and got a nice range of questions. The first thing that needs to happen is a SHOCK to the system. 

Do you feel stuck in your JOB? 
Do you need to step on the scale
Hey, put on those jeans
Did you see a bad report from the Dr. 
Admit you get out of breath when you shouldn't be.
Face the truth that you want a MORE abundant life!

Admit to yourself that you fell short of what you once wanted and what you were aiming journey, career, faith walk etc...   

Shock the system. Face your facts. Tell yourself YOUR truth. Do it with love and start the process. 

See it as a step forward. Starting again or starting over does NOT have to be seen as a failure. You can see it as a step forward, a step UP! A failure would not be starting over at all! 

Get a partner. Find someone to tackle your goal with you, find a friend who will be strict to hold you accountable to what you want, email them your progress, be open to constructive feedback, help them help you! 

Take small steps that stick. Don't try and change your life in ONE day, take a few small steps to start. Pick a small step today and DO it. Build on that, literally, small single steps will cause you to go far. Drink one more bottle of water, make that phone call, stand up for what you need today. 

Think of past successes, see yourself repeating those. Successful athletes never focus on their failures, they adjust what they need to and see themselves over and over repeating their successes. When you do this then "starting over" happens less and less as you are just moving from learning experiences to successes.  

Get HELP! Enlist the help of a trainer,a specialist, an  online course, something you can go to for help in the area you are working on. You won't feel alone then and you will be able to tap into support and advice. 

Do what you enjoy. If you enjoy the change you make, then you will be less likely to go back on your new path! A new diet plan? Add in a little of your old faves, a little seasoning etc. I became a trainer because I loved working out, in turn I love helping people realize their dreams. 

Still there are paths that involve things that are "easy to do" and "easy not to do". Jeff Olson in The Slight Edge shows that those things uncomfortable at first: a scary step forward, a leap of faith, a change in lifestyle, stepping out of your comfort zone, become easy to do after a while, even if they are not at first. DO those things!!! STEP OUT, start over, shock your system and get started on the lifestyle that you want!

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