Monday, September 17, 2012

Keeping active with kids and the Hero!

Happy Monday everyone!!
I had a great weekend with Mack and Mini Mack, we spent time outside, on a RUN and a walk which is something that 5 year old Mini Mack doesn't really dig, as he is little and doesn't really want to go around the lake for 5 miles. BUT, give him some crayons and THIS and he loved it!
We never want to be the parents who don't exercise because our kids are too little. Kids are TOTALLY transportable and this little thrift store jogger was an answer to prayer! We all went for a run and a nice walk and of course, ate a nice healthy lunch after!! (GO EGG SAMMIES with avocado!) I took the weekend off lifting because my past week was really intense, it felt good to get back to cardio a little more! That is this weeks goal, add in short cardio and keep lifting heavy!
Who do you admire? Someone at the gym who is super strong? A friend who has ROCKED out their fitness goals?
Personally, I have alot of people that I look up to and think are amazing. Since becoming a mom to a 5 year old, my WORLD is full of super hero's...I am learning the difference between all the faces of Ironman and Spider man, I am watching movies of good vs. evil, mild manner reporters who save kids and reporters from peril in their spare time. I myself have been dubbed wonder Woman by Mack and Mini Mack. I am cool with that, I dig her jewelry.  

Our super kindergartner on his first day! 

There is a reason we are drawn to those fighting the good fight, the good guy making the hard choices, the HERO we can look up to!!

The soul was made to stand in awe of a Person-the only person worthy of awe. All heroes are shadows of Christ. We love to admire their excellence. How much more will we be satisfied by the one Person who conceived all excellence and embodies all skill, all talent, all strength and brilliance and savvy and goodness.  God loves us by liberating us from the bondage of self so that we can enjoy knowing and admiring him forever. Pastor John Piper

I love that my world is swarming with big dreams, BIG hope in what lays ahead, hero's striving for good, men and women with powers beyond compare. It really is like life in Christ!
Helping others
Tapping into your true talents
Being a CHILD of the best Super Hero out there is filled with benefits! This week I am trying new workouts and even tomorrow morning doing a Bod Pod Test which will tell me all my awesome fitness vitals--posting about it this week!!  

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