Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exercise your rights! Short set workout!

Only 25 or 30 min to workout you say? Not enough time to even get into it you say? I say NO way! Exercise your right, your right to a quick, intense workout with short sets, there is no debate about it!! 

You can get in a super effective resistance training workout in less than 30 min that will leave you feeling like you worked hard, pushed yourself and burned all the fat that 30 min can! When you lift weights you build lean mass and you burn fat. 

When faced with a short amount of time, so many people turn to a 30 min run or 30 min of cardio when a little fat blasting, FAST weight routine is a better option! But cutting down rest, and moving through the sets fast, you will be out of breath the same if not more than a cardio sesh on the elliptical!

Chest and Triceps short set 
Warm up 2 min
DB chest Press 8-10 reps
Tricep rope pushdown 8-10reps 
Decline pushups (feet on a bench or box) 8-10reps
Tricep dips off a bench, feet elevated 8-10reps 

With feet elevated during push ups and your feet on a bench in front of you during dips, both moves are made just slightly harder.  

You can sprint in between or do burpees also, or just move through those 4 moves for three sets.  

Shoulders short set
Warm up 2 min
Overhead press drop set (starting with the heaviest of 3 weights, doing 8-10reps, and moving down.) 
Prone rear delt fly 8-10reps
Lateral raise 8-10reps 
KB squat into upright row 8-10reps 
Repeat three times

This month is definitely one of transition!! We are voting, we are preparing for winter (we did a FULL weekend of fall cleaning, purging and winterizing our place)preparing for advent and working on maintaining our healthy life style through ALL the upcoming events we love each year!! Make this a NOvember to count, say NO to all the negatives that float around in your heart & head and give this month your 110%! 

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