Monday, November 12, 2012

Traffic Jams & your destination

Happy Monday! Today, I sat in traffic for over an HOUR and went about 2 miles! That's right, here in Minneapolis, we got a little dusting of snow and the roads were a bit slick. Welcome to winter driving!

As I sat there, at a standstill with my 5 year old in the backseat, I realized that God is in control of something as small as my drive to school or work in the morning. He knows what time I need to be where, he knows the roads, the traffic, he is in ultimate control and I will get to my destination when I am supposed to. 

I will get to my destination when I am supposed to. 

Wow, I laughed out loud. What a metaphor for the last two years of my life! How many times have I sat in the same place, FRUSTRATED with the progress, instead of just giving over my control and allowing him to do what he will, knowing I will get to my destination when I am supposed to. 

Your path is not my path. 
Your success is not my success. 
Your life is not my life.  

My path is HIS path. 
My success is HIS success. 
My life is HIS life. 

I can LOSE my life, my own selfish ambitions, my own agenda and goals and allow Christ to be all he is through me, to use me, to let me play a part in HIS story. Will I still enjoy my life? YES more than ever. Will I still see my dreams come to pass, Yes of course! Will things go smoother and BETTER than I could have imagined, yes. But I can't fathom it now, in the midst of this traffic jam. Will I be in control of my destiny? No, I am not in control whether I fight it and kick against it or whether I just sit back in the warmth and comfort of Gods love and let him drive.  

We can be on the right track and still get run over. But ask this: are we on God's track or our own? Are we driving the train or is God? Are we struggling to move forward or are we submitting and TRUSTING that he is in control, loves us and will get us there? 

Weekend fitness

We had an amazing weekend at my Mom's place! Mini Mack and Mr. MACK enjoying the swings and cool playground equipment. A trip to the park of course would not be complete unless I did some flipping around on the monkey bars! I am always thankful that I can be active, strong and able to do all I want, like run and play with my new son! 

Friday I got my own workout in and ended a really HARD chest and triceps day with Medicine Ball pushups!! You place one hand on the MB, do a full (extended) range pushup, roll the ball to the other hand and repeat! What an effective BURN out for your upper body!! I recommend it! 

I know that God will honor my hard work in the gym, he knows my heart and my desires to meet certain goals. He also knows that I point to him when people talk about my strength! When you do a challenging workout and feel you can't do those last few reps--hang in there. Do as much as you can and then do THREE more! That push makes all the difference! Have a great Monday! 

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