Monday, November 26, 2012

Half Size interview & holiday check in!

Happy Monday! 
I am so pumped for this week! My hours at work changed and I am NOW an early morning trainer!! Changing lives at the crack of dawn and able to spend evenings with my family! What a huge blessing!! 

PLUS, Thanksgiving was a sweet special time with my family!
I made my FAVE brussels sprouts with bacon and enjoyed everything at the table! 

Once a year, mashed potatoes! 

Half Size Me
SUPER Excited to share with you that my interview with Heather from Half Size Me! 
It talks all about my history of fitness and nutrition and what I went through to lose 40 pounds and keep it off! HERE is the link! It's about a 50 min interview--enjoy!!


The rest of the holiday weekend was great, we did a lot of family activities, my brother is in town from Germany! We went for a hayride and got our Christmas tree and then spent Sunday decorating the house, it was SO much fun! 

On Facebook, I posted a body weight workout which I did with my family, but other than that, I took time OFF of lifting. It's always a little scary when I take time off, but TODAY it totally paid off in that I increased reps on my bench press! Rest is vital to growth and to muscle recovery. My few days off made all the difference, even in my attitude--I felt renewed and excited to be in the gym!  

What was YOUR fave dish over the holiday?? 

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