Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting results and chasing dreams!

Hey Fit friends!! Hope your first week of December is rocking out your goals and that you are feeling great!! I am feeling encouraged this week for a few reasons! OF course I am going to share them with you!
First reason is that I am LOVING my morning hours at work! A few days have been working split shift, so a couple hours break in the afternoon and then back to the gym for more clients. But I am SO GRATEFUL for my job, for the opportunity I have to work where I do and to impact people and show them health and Gods love, there are no worries about a few split shifts!

So I am encouraged by my mornings, it's a routine that I was made to do and I feel I do well. I am also encouraged because my lifting is, again, taking a new shape and new direction. I am taking my reps AND sets up and really focusing on some basic compound moves.
For a little while, I wasn't working up to my potential, I wasn't working as hard as I could have been. I really had an eye opening moment when I was watching the "Weak Point" series of videos from Joe Donnelly. They are pretty ripe with curses, but the content is great! If you can get past the offensive language, they have tons of nuggets worth putting into your workouts. Basically

I wasn't going to be upset with not getting results I want from

I was not working hard enough in a number of ways and am now on a straight track to the stage in spring! I am feeling really encouraged and am reminding myself that as I work hard, push myself and push a little more, more than I think I can do, I will find myself exactly where I want to be.
On a side note to that, I spoke at my recovery meeting this week and covered Humility, well, covered what little I could on it as the subject is huge. Can I put Christ first, focus on him, align with him in every situation and goal and still chase my dreams?

YES. I can.
He wants me to shine in all I do so I can point to HIM in it. After all, when I shine it's simply Jesus that I am reflecting anyway! So don't worry about going after your dreams and goals. As long as they aren't against the word of God, he will bless your work as you reflect him daily!  

Next week, success stories are back
as is WORD and WEIGHT! Watch for it!

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