Friday, March 22, 2013

Cheating, dealing and a habit forming

I think I am getting wiser with age. Really. 
I have changed my mind on a few things. The first being habits, the second I will tell ya later. OK, first a little eye candy for ya: 

Since I am now 4 weeks into contest prep, I am getting my cheat or as I like to call them TREAT meals once a week. This past Saturday, I had the MOST AMAZING salad and burger. It was a lovely little date night with MACK. We cooked together, listened to some Sade and shared in a big salad with goat cheese, strawberries, black olives and walnuts and then a homemade burger with avocado! DE-LISH! I love all the color. It's so relaxing to cook with the hubby, we are all about teamwork in the kitchen, just like diet and exercise. 

Do you ever feel like you WANT something so bad, but you keep putting it off. Maybe you chose something and then do the opposite, or how about having a dream that you just can't let go of but can never take a step toward what you want. Why?? Don't we want these things? Why don't we act? Why can't we make change and   STICK to it, DEAL with it? 

I have been dealing with it lately. I was reminded by my coach that I CHOSE this path. I want to do this, so why not STICK TO IT? I was dealing with my desires and drives. 
Am I afraid?? Maybe. I was afraid before I became a trainer. I thought if I succeeded, that I would have to show up, to be knowledgeable, to DO well as a trainer. People would come to me and expect me to KNOW what I was doing. 

If I commit to this contest prep with 100%, what does that mean if I succeed? 
SO I am dealing. 
I am in this, my coach can't stick to my diet for me.
My coach didn't chose this for me. 
My outlook has changed. I am choosing this, and I am committing. Fear or no fear. Which means that my habits are altering slightly and once I changed my view on it, it became a personal challenge: Me against me. I am keeping my word to myself. I am creating new habits, no, not just new habits in 28 days, but a NEW solution. 

The Guardian posted this recently about habits: 

"Habits: we tend to think about habit change wrongly...we're mired deep in what the Greeks called "akrasia": deciding on the best course of action, then doing something else. The way round to see that habits are responses to needs. This sounds obvious, but countless efforts at habit change ignore its implications. If you eat badly, you might resolve to start eating well, but if you're eating burgers and ice-cream to feel comforted, relaxed and happy, trying to replace them with broccoli and carrot juice is like dealing with a leaky bathroom tap by repainting the kitchen. What's required isn't a better diet, but an alternative way to feel comforted and relaxed."

YES!! There is no 28 day rule, there is only lifestyle alteration and NEW solutions! So I am embracing new solutions! And I am determined to succeed, maybe not this time, but maybe next time or the time after that. Meaning: I am going to continue, deal and move forward!! 

What new HABIT are you working on forming?? 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Losing ground is not failure!

Losing ground is not failure!
I'm not supposed to lose ground though, I am the trainer, the competitor, the motivator, the coach, the been there, done that girl with the success story and the tips and tricks. Right?
Well, No. life happens, life is real. I am real, not perfect. To some, this blog is going to look like a silly, SMALL thing, but it's not. For me it is a big deal. 

Before and After and Before (again) 
In 2011 I rocked out clean eating and marathon training, but I was lifting weights heavy and steady too. All this resulted in me getting pretty ripped up and lean. 

The infamous pic, May to July 2011! 
Fit but fluffy in the first and LEAN AND MEAN in the second. 

Well, After my competitions last spring, after my wedding and honeymoon in June and July and after becoming Step-mom extraordinaire for the first 2-3-4 months after that. Guess what? I lost some ground. 

I was in that place where: 

 I didn't have a "goal" in front of me
I was getting a little tired of eating clean
I was giving into all the BLT's (bite, licks, tastes) and finishing my son's food.
I was a little LAX with my diet, treat meals a few times a week

I was up in weight, but only 6-8 pounds and lifting heavy to attempt to gain muscle, but really I see now I was using that as a cushion to eat full fat and full flavor and not as clean as I wanted. But at the same time, I DID want it, I felt I needed a break, mentally from training the way I had been, 2 marathons, 2 figure shows etc... I was tired of being stringent with myself. I had LOST the vision of what I was doing as a lifestyle.  

 In the END, I was aiming to lean out and keep some of the muscle I had built with my weight gain. I never wanted an "off season" where I gain some 20-30 pounds to build muscle and then lean back down, I lost my weight already and don't aim to have to lose more! But here I am, looking a little more like my "before" picture than my after picture and feeling horrible about it.
My good friend Cheryl reminded me that I am human, normal, REAL and that people like that and that aside from that, it's normal to be normal! Had I thrown my healthy lifestyle out the window? NO WAY! I worked out still, enjoyed plenty of healthy foods and knew that my small setback, this losing ground was NOT A FAILURE, I succeeded in finding out what worked for me.

‎"If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless." Thomas Edison
New Goals: Trainer, show, lifestyle
The truth is I LOVE lifting, I even love running, I LOVE when you get past your cravings and ENJOY clean healthy eating, where fruit tastes SO sweet and you eat to LIVE, not live to eat! That's a place where I was for a LONG time and I am hungry to get back to it!

What didn't work for me was:
`Not knowing WHY I was eating what I was.
`Not having a plan back to normalcy after my show.

`Letting my clean eating get stagnant.
`Treating myself too often.
`Letting my cardio slide.
`NOT having a clear goal in sight. (photo shoot, race, show etc)

`I am currently taking a Nutrition course through Precision Nutrition. I am learning WHY what and when we eat are vital to lasting health.

`I have a new coach, Brandan Fokken, who is the bomb dot com. He lives a fit lifestyle, has succeeded in his own journey and has many successful clients!!

`Treat meals are IN CHECK. Once a week with no guilt. And even if they are treats, they can be FUN and clean by using Pinterest to get NEW ideas for healthy meals!

`Goal, cardio, plan of action! All encompassed in a goal of a June figure show, the MN State Championships... and after that? My coach has a plan of action to ease me into a regular clean lifestyle that can be maintained and enjoyed!! I am thrilled to be doing another figure show and even thinking of BIG, big goals for this coming year. I am starting better than expected. I am not lean and mean, but I am strong, determined and have been lifting heavier than ever! Here is my before, before February 22nd: 

And my after 8 days of being on Plan with my new coach!
Photo Saturday March 2nd:

Not where I was, but not yet where I am going to be! I have learned and grown from each "failure" and turned them all into stepping stones! I have learned what doesn't work and it's hard to admit sometimes when you are supposed to be this super woman--"Hey, I lost some ground, but I am REAL and it's NOT failure!"

My future is bright, exciting and packaged in six small tupperwares of food. I know I have been MIA on the blog it'self for a while, it's strange to be back, I feel I have missed so many updates. What is most important is my acceptance of my own success in not succeeding and being fine with it!!

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