Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There is no balance in life

There is no balance in life

I used to search for balance. I thought an afternoon to myself would do it, I thought a yoga practice would help,   being more organized and STAYING that way. But I gave up on balance. There is no such thing. Life is busy, it's full, there are events, projects, work, fun.

What I have found is that there is rhythm, more natural than balance and more achievable. Rhythm (from Greek —rhythmos) "any regular recurring motion, symmetry"  generally means a "movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions."

What is a regular, recurring motion in my life? Work, eat, train, play, repeat. Sometimes work is a stronger element than play, some days I rest more than other days. Some days are full, some are leisurely. The ups and downs used to bother me. I couldn't roll with it.  I didn't see the rhythm. There is an Ebb and flow in many arenas of life: when I am weak, God is strong, when He leads I follow, when I lead, He ceases to work. Seasons that roll like waves. It's regulated: weak, strong, work, play, opposites rolling together.

With movement you move forward, like a wave, elements in succession. Balance is teetering in the same spot, it's a delicate maintenance, not movement.  Now I seek to see my life's rhythm, and move along with it.  There is no balance. Stop seeking and enjoy the flow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Recipe: Banana bread breakfast cookies

Any kind of little treat, I am ALL about it! But they have to be clean, easy and healthy for MACK and Mini Mack. 
I first found the recipe from Felica Romero, IFBB Figure Pro! I met her in January and followed her here on Facebook after that!

I modified the recipe some since then to make them a little more dense and some FUN, clean and yummy add-in's so you can create the perfect breakfast cookie for your family! 

Technically, they don't HAVE to be for breakfast, but with oats and banana's--why not! My son Mini MACK LOVES having cookies for breakfast, you know kids! 


 3 ripe(spotted or soft) bananas
 1 &1/4 cup oats 1 scoop vanilla protein
 a palm full (2T) of mini chocolate chips 
 & 1/4 Cup shredded Coconut

Mix all the ingredients together and Bake 15 min at 350! I have been using parchment paper with all my baking lately, and I love it, these don't stick at all. With the shredded coconut, they really become like little banana breads!! It's JUST that simple!

 And there are great add-ins:

Walnut chopped, dates chopped, butterscotch chips (very small amount, cinnamon to taste, a Tablespoon your favorite nut butter, goji berries or smaller dried currents, Chia seed, ground flax! They can be made into SO many different varieties....hungry anyone?

I also have not tried chocolate or strawberry protein powder, but they would be a fun twist. 

Show Update: I got an awesome suit off the Internet and am putting my own rhinestones on it!! I am very excited! This week I am focused on diet 100% and getting lifts and cardio in spot on. There is no room for error, I want to take home a place in each category. Last year I got second and I don't take steps backwards, only forwards, so here is my declaration. I want first! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What REALLY feeds us: being satisfied.

So, the past month or so I have been practicing not taking anything "new" on. I was kind of practicing the art of subtraction, to try and bring my obligations down to just the minimum and just what I really love and am called to. Yet, I was and am SO busy. I struggle with this.  

There's oodles of good comments and advice on this! Joyce Meyer says: you filled your calendar, you can clear it. A good friend said I will pray for you, when do you think it will get less busy? I thought.... It probably won't. I mean, if we buy a house and have kids in the next 1.5-2 year as hoped, that is most CERTAINLY not going to slow life down. 

And THAT really got me thinking. Right now I work 2 jobs, when managing my apartment complex goes away, it will be replaced with managing my home and yard etc, managing family time with more kids than just mini Mack. I don't spend a TON of time blogging anymore (anyone remember when I was SO good at 3times a week, then at least once! Ah, the good old days!) But I am training, 2+ hours a day sometimes for my upcoming show. The intensity of it may diminish, but training, lifting and activity will always be in my day. I do little projects, work on certs, hold classes, plan outside work for clients, do photo shoots, and am currently prepping for a bigger modeling gig and about 2 times a week, MACK and I are digging around in dirt in our garden. 

I said no to a speaking gig, said no to a second photo shoot recently, but outside my 2 jobs and training, the little stuff I enjoy, I ENJOY. So I want it to stay. What I don't want is for all those little things I enjoy to be crowded into my  . I want to experience and enjoy, the way you experience your food when you sit at a table and enjoy it. I don't want them to become things you check off. Meal 1, 2, 3 down! Check, check, check. 

We are supposed to DO what we love and LOVE what we do. I told a friend yesterday: If I had a WEEK to do whatever I wanted, I would do the same I do now, I would cook, workout, spend time with hubby, garden, blog etc... it would be the same, but today, these things I love feel like obligations. 

God doesn't want us to go through life checking off a list, checking off six meals a day without a NAME, without flavor and JOY in them! When I go about my day feeling obligated, it's an insult to Christ's work on the cross where He took my place, so I could have this life. Not savoring every moment is ungrateful and sinful. That cuts. 

Two weeks ago in church I was sitting there and my heart said "I love this, I want to be here MORE." Do you know thatfeeling when you love something like playing with your kids, camping or running with a friend and your heart says, "why don't I do this more often?" It was that feeling. I want to be about the things of God, not my things. I want to chase HIS idea's not mine. He will give me good things, will give me the desires of my heart, but when my heart is content in him alone, then will my desires and his meet and match. 

Last thing: What really feeds us: 

Yesterday as I was driving to meet a friend for coffee I was intentional about taking some ME time with a tall americano and my bible. And God was intentional about sharing with me. I sought him and he was there for me, I knocked and he opened. To be very clear, it was never me that found God, he was never lost. 

He showed me that If I add in those good things NOW, those things that energize me, the things that He directs me to do and calls me to do, the things that clutter and distract will fall away. 

I was reminded of when I am working with clients: I don't always tell them to cut the pizza or the breakfast sandwiches first thing, I try to first, just get them to add more GOOD things to their diet. Eat a salad along with your lunch, eat some oats with your breakfast. When I have them add the nutritionally dense food along side empty calories, their body will change cravings. One food SATISFIES more than the other. 

The healthy, nutritious food leaves them fuller longer, more energized and craving more goodness. The bad in comparison, usually just falls away. The same is true of my life and your life. I want to spend time in the bible everyday, to pray, to be in perfect communication with him. When I make time for that, everything else, IMPORTANT and that needs to be done, will get done. 

Ever notice when you put God first, your SO productive? Make him the center and the excess will fall away. Once our bodies are introduced to what REALLY feeds us, nourishes us, sustains us and SATISFIES, we won't want it any other way.

Training news: 
I am 5 weeks out from my show!! 
Training is going great, I am seeing a lot of gains and a lot of muscle definition. I am trying hard not to post TOO many progress pics, I am trying to keep the final product as a WOW on stage! Don't judge a girl by the pink and pink camo! You never know what her PR is on dead lifts!! Have an awesome week everyone!! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Divine Health Protein Review

Divine Health Protein Review

 There are SO many protein products on the shelves, online, being pushed on Facebook, which is the BEST? Well, one way to pick the best product is to pick a source that is reliable, trustworthy and established. Divine Health, Dr. Don Colbert's company is all of these things! I personally have read Dr. Colbert's work and heard him speak 2 times before realizing his supplement and health company carried Whey Protein! 

For starters, Divine Health isn't just a supplement company out to make money with less than quality, poor nutritionally dense product. It's Don Colbert's personal practice, which includes a clinic in Florida and many hand selected items recommended by the physicians there.  

When I spoke with Divine health, they addressed my personal needs as a figure competitor and my goals, current supplements I am using and training plans before sending me the 2 products they deemed in alignment with my goals.  

Divine Health Chocolate Whey, 6 ice cubes, 12oz vanilla coffee! 

This review is only on the Chocolate whey, but their green super food is amazing as well. The whey has everything your layperson is looking for: Taste, mixability and a great amino/protein profile! 

Taste: I love how the chocolate protein tastes, it is smooth and not too rich. Often I mix it with my brewed coffee, for a post workout or early morning jolt of flavor, energy and recovery!

Mixability(it's a new word!): It mixes with water or the coffee for a very smooth recovery drink. Some cheaper, lower quality proteins do not mix ideally. It's something we "deal" with, but really, why? We deserve the great taste and smooth end product like from Divine health. 

Protein/amino profile: Two of the best qualities I  appreciate about Divine Health is that it is lower in sugars AND fat than my regular go-to brand. In addition, Divine Health Protein includes 3 grams of water soluble fiber while keeping the protein high at 21 grams.  

During and after exercise, our body benefits from branch chain amino acids because they can be taken up by our muscles instead of being filtered through the liver. The amino profile of Divine Health Whey is a great one, but always find out if taking additional BCAA's during and after cardio is best for you. It helps stall lean muscle loss.  

Still ANOTHER awesome trait about this product is that it is undenatured. Divine Health's website explains this more in depth here: 

What is Undenatured Whey?
Realize, this protein is not the same whey protein that is commonly found in general health food stores and is also not taken by people who are simply just trying to gain weight or muscle mass. Most of that whey protein is denatured. Undenatured whey proteins are comprised of one of the two major protein groups of bovine milk, the other group being caseins. Caseins account for about 80% of the total protein in bovine milk, while whey proteins account for the remaining 20%. Whey is derived as a natural byproduct of the cheese-making process. While on the shelves, most commercial whey protein has already begun to oxidize or may even be completely oxidized. In either case, it is considered to be "denatured". Denatured whey protein simply does not offer the same biological benefits as "undenatured" whey protein; the same way cooked food does not offer the same biological benefits as raw food. Denatured whey protein is handled and prepared with a different set of manufacturing processes than undenatured whey protein.
Undenatured Whey Protein Benefits:
1) Offers ideal nutritional support for any age and it contains less than 1% fat and lactose
2) Naturally contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
3) Provides the body with cystiene (a vital cell nutrient), glutamic acid and glycine
4) Helps build glutathione (The most powerful antioxidant in the body) levels
5) Recycles other antioxidants like Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E
6) Anti-oxidant Assistance, Toxin Elimination, Immune System Reinforcement, Total Body Support, Nutrition for an Aging Population

I sought out Divine Health to partner with me for my June 22nd Competition. I want to THANK them for their help with my continuing work on my physique and the difference it's made.
They supplied me with the protein and greens (review pending!) and I have seen GREAT gains in muscle growth and leaning down while KEEPING my muscle mass! 
Any knowledgeable trainer will tell you that your success is VERY much about your diet and nutrition, which includes recovery of muscles, replenishing vital supplies of BCAA's, and supporting your body in the cleanest, most natural way possible. 
Cheers to great tasting success! 

IN OTHER GREAT NEWS: I am now a Level 1 certified Precision Nutrition Coach. I have been studying for a LONG time, it was a very hard test and mentally trying over the winter and spring. It took longer than it should have because of the level of knowledge PN offers and because I was struggling with whether or not I could DO IT! 

It's a tough test, John Berardi essentially took his PHD and created a 18 week certification for us regular people. that's what makes it so prestigious, but I felt like I was getting a degree in food science! I can't wait to put it to good use at work! 

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