Sunday, July 7, 2013

What to do WHEN you reach your goal & MN State Championships Figure Show Recap

Fourth of July here in Mpls came and went with SWELTERING 90 degree weather! I love it, the heat to me is a treat. I would much rather be warm than cold, I think maybe I am in the wrong state. 

MN State Championship Figure Show Recap
I was really proud of my performance at my June 22nd Figure show. My coach had encouraged me that "We train for first but assume nothing." And I did, I trained for 1st. I can honestly say that I did my best and felt like I brought my BEST to stage. 

The stage however is where you stand, under the subjective scrutiny of the 8-10 or so judges. I do NOT envy them their job. This years competitors at the NPC MN State Championships was incredible. Every woman trained for first and I rather enjoyed the fact that the competition was close. 

Here I am placing second in my height class, second from the left! I also placed fourth in my age class which was a close and difficult class to judge I am sure. Every woman looked so great! 

What I am really happy about is how DIFFERENT I look from last year. Much more muscle, more definition and still as lean. In the pictures, its a slight more, but in reality it's allot. I ended up losing about 8% body fat while keeping my lean muscle mass the same. THAT is an accomplishment, and much thanks to my new coach, he took a FIT girl and turned me into a FIGURE girl.

Non Dieting Diets
Last year, I struggled after my 2 spring shows and my June Wedding (it's been ONE year, can you believe!!)I was off track on my healthy clean eating and struggling with HOW I wanted to eat! The competition prep was so restrictive that I didn't WANT to eat clean. 

Lean and green groceries

This time around, I have made such amazing progress (From February to June, see below)

In my "off-season wagon" look vs. my show
Never again getting so deconditioned between goals. 

I don't want an OFF season where I just go off a healthy, clean diet and eat processed foods, with too many treats and high fat foods. I don't want to over gain weight or  body fat. I am already a HEALTHY 4-5 pounds up from my competition weight and hovering right around my normal body weight. When I started in February, I was 8 pounds over my normal weight. So instead of calling this NON dieting like I planned, this blog is about--

1)You are never at your goal, there is always hard work and maintenance ahead. I learned this when I met my Weight Watchers goal. I relaxed, too much. Sure, you add in some healthy calories for maintenance, but I got lax and assumed my journey was through. What followed was backsliding, not only with foods that didn't bring me to my goal, but inevitably habits as well. 

2) Continue with what WORKED for you. Yes, you can make minor changes, but ideally your plan (NON DIET, DIET) is sustainable enough to see you through to a LIFESTYLE with only a few minor adustments. Keep eating clean, keep saving treats for once a week. Keep doing your workouts. 

3) Get another goal. If we are NOT moving forward, we are moving backwards. And likewise, if we are on the right track and all we do is sit there, we will get run over. So keep moving. Pick a new goal, register for a race, book a photo shoot, get a new trainer or have them help you with a new kind of accountability. Do SOMETHING new. 

4)Stay humble, there is always a place for improvements. My husband reminded me just today that the greats in my sport like Nicole Wilkins, Erin Stern, Eva Cowan didn't start and compete and then stop, take a break, an off season. They started and they DIDN'T stop. When you see pictures of them, before and after 6 years apart and they have made these great gains, it's because they stayed humble, didn't give up and never "started over." 

This week--a canoe, anniversary recap for you and more on self control! Have an amazing week, work hard and enjoy all your moments, we never get them back once they are gone! 


Kim H. said...

This is GREAT advice. After finishing Ironman, I have had no real training goals and a very relaxed attitude about the amount of training I "need" to complete a race. I've put back on some weight and I've had miserable races all year. I definitely need to define my next goal and get back on track!!!

DreamingofArnold said...

Congrats on your win! You looked great!! Take care.

Christina said...

Amazing! You are true inspiration :)

Lonnie Thaler said...

Hi Mary,

Wow! You are so amazing! BTW, Congrats! I wish I was there watching the competition. Anyway, I like this article. There will be no end to this kind of endeavor. Getting fit is a lifetime commitment. :-)

Jess said...

Great post! So very inspirational and true. Lonnie is right, it's all about being healthy, mind and body, it's a lifetime commitment/goal. It is great setting a goal beating/breaking it and then setting a new goal, keeps you always trying to better yourself! The photos of you and your competitors are fantastic, you look great!

April Jacobs said...

This is a great show recap! You looked so awesome there. I wish I can achieve that status someday. I really want to join a prestigious competition. Anyway, you're such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Jessie Bryant said...

Congratulations! That's a great achievement. I'm doing a lot of workouts but I didn't reach that level yet. Truly, you're an inspiration to me. Keep it up! ;-)

Janelle M said...

Wow! You look absolutely incredible. This is the proof in the pudding that if you work hard you can achieve incredible things!

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