Tuesday, December 31, 2013

YES to resolutions!

The fitness industry will say, "Don't wait till Monday to START", Nike Says "Just Do It" and Facebook is riddled with implied shame for those with new years resolutions. Crowding to the gym like the promised land, eating healthier, detoxing, getting organized, reading more, sleeping better, you NAME it and people will vow it and those who have it all together look down there noses. 

I SAY DO IT! With resolve, leap into your NEWNESS this January 1st! Here are 5 great reasons why:  

1) It's always mentally refreshing to prepare for change. Nothing FEELS better than to prepare for that start date. That moment when you know that you are ready to change. Just BE ready and leap into it confident you can keep your change! Every great step, project and success story has a start date, don't be sheepish if yours is January 1st! Sit down, create a game plan, get on your game face and ring in the new year prepared! 

2) writing out your goals and visions for a period of time will prove more LIKELY for your success!! 
You are 70% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them out, so why not try! Make your list, check it twice and even if you never see it again, you are more geared toward success. Just like tracking food, writing your workouts, journal writing and creating vision boards, writing resolutions will give them staying power than just an "inner vow" to do/be/feel better! 

3) It's Biblical! God is ALL about newness!!
God sent Jesus to this world so we could BE NEW!! 2nd Corinthians says we are already NEW creations in Christ. Revelation says that God makes ALL THINGS new and Isaiah below gives us hope that when promised newness of life and in life, even the driest path will spring forth life!  

Isaiah 43:19

Behold, I am doing a new thing;

    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness

    and rivers in the desert. 

4) Resolution means a course of action determined or decided on. Not perfected, not completed, not wavering. It will take all year, sometimes it can take a few. Little by little one walks far and over the course of year with a clear, God ordained, written path decided on, you are BOUND to succeed! 

5) You will inspire others. We are light to be light for others.  Don't be weary to be a resolutioner, be who you are and take someone with you, someone without the courage to go it alone! Or go it alone and see who you inspire to create their plan, step into their newness and create the life they always wanted. The effect is contagious and seeing others spark with determination and motivation is the best new years gift you can get! 

Happy new years, may the coming year be full of blessings and joy in your hearts!

 Galatians 6:9 
So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

5 ways to get BACK on TRACK

Do you feel a little off since the holidays? Here are 5 holiday CHEER ups, getting back on track is not as hard as you think! 

1)Today is the first day to do it right. 
It's midday, it's after lunch even, but you can still start over, get back on track. Maybe you had that Christmas strudel for breakfast or yet another holiday party last night. You can "reset" at anytime. Drink a big glass of water and leave the past, in the PAST. Today is day one. What's your next clean meal? Go after the remainder of TODAY. 

2) Today is just another day. It's a Monday or a Thursday. Treat is as such. Holidays or not, it feels amazing to know that you are on track with your workouts and healthy eating plan just like every other day of the week. Maybe it's New Years day... no excuse to not get activity in. It's still Wednesday, stick to your regularly scheduled programing! You got this! 

3) If you bite it, you write it. Track that food. Often times, the lines of clean eating get blurred and portion sizes can grow without noticing. Track your intake and see where you have let things slide. It will make it very clear for you where you can make up lost ground. You are NEVER as far gone as you think! 

4) Pack your bags. Motivation isn't sitting on the shelf at Macy's for you, it's something that comes after investing in and creating good habits. So pack your bag, your gym bag and set it by the door, or in the front seat of your car. Winning the battle of habits starts with small steps. SEE that bag, be reminded, take action. 

5) Do what you can with what you have. The past 5 weeks for me have been tough, I am in recovery mode. Yesterday, I was able to work my legs for the first time in those 5 weeks. But I was only able to do body weight exercises. Sure I felt discouraged, but I gave it ALL I had with what I could do. Limited or not, giving YOUR 110% is what matters. Maybe you only have a half an hour or can only workout at home. GREAT, do that. Push yourself and work with what you have instead of focusing on what you can't do. You  will go farther than you ever dreamed, everyone starts small and works there way up. 

There are 4 days left of 2013. That's at least 20 opportunities to make healthy food choices and 4 days to kick butt with your fitness. 
Why wait? 
Why start January 1st? 
Do it now.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

Making your own Motivation!

Making your own Motivation!
It's that time of year where people need a BOOST: to get to the gym, to put down that cookie, to stick to their plan! How do you get up in the dark, when it's cold? Sure you don't WANT TO. Gotta be honest, NO ONE WANTS TO at first. 

Action precedes motivation!
One of my Favorite quotes of all time. What does it mean? It means that we don't MOVE out of the motivation we feel, we MOVE and then feel motivated. We ACT first. And honestly, motivation doesn't even show up right then.
We create a PLAN, 
We form habits 
We see results,
and THEN motivation comes. 
Most people assume it will happen the other way around. 

What it means for us to feel motivated then? Motivation is a by product! It's not the spark. The spark is a desire for change--in ANY area! When we want something, we plan for it, we save for it, we have steps to take. When I wanted a trainer, I didn't quit my job and walk into a gym, telling people I could work them out. No way, I researched certifications, signed up, put in the work, revamped my resume and sent it out. I had a PLAN.

Habits are the stepping stones to motivation. Its rare we wake up and jump right into a workout routine that we love and feel amazing at. But little by little we go far. What if you waited to feel motivated to go into your job? How long would it be? A week, a month--you wouldn't have a job left to go to! We form habits, get up, get coffee, go to work. Day in and day out. Money is a great motivator for that and habits formed that produce RESULTS are the driving force behind motivation. 

Tips for succeeding at making your own motivation: 

  •  get a partner to help you. Form habits together and insist that you stick to them. 
  •  be realistic. start small. Pack that gym bag and aim for 2 weeks at the gym. 3 days is a bonus. 
  •  keep your word to yourself. just like your boss at your job knows you are trustworthy to show up, be your own BOSS and show up for what you planned. 
  •  just do it today. Don't worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow you can worry about your habits for that day. 
  •  this is about YOU. Your life, your health, your strength, your longevity, your example to your kids. This isn't about an event, your spouse or even your "haters" who think you can't do it. 

Michael Jordan was once asked if all the criticism fueled him and motivated him. He said: 
"absolutely not, I pay no attention to it. To admit I listen to any critic, to say it affects me in anyway would basically be admitting I am mentally weak. My motivation, my fire burns so hot and so deep from within, there is no way in hell some random person and their opinions could ever affect me."   

Do it for you. 
See results 
Make your own motivation!

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