Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holy Shoulders workout & a quiet focus for 2013


Of course I do, church is always uplifting and it's a day spent with family and getting ready for the week ahead. Today I prepared mentally for a week of work and spent time thankful for being able to be a trainer. I have the opportunity daily to impact and inspire so many people in so many vast ways, I wonder if they know that I pray for them as they press and push? Someday they might. :) 

 I have decided that Sunday's are now shoulder day. There is a gym just a mile from church and I can go right after and get a holy, WHOLY hard workout in! I am all about pre-fatiguing the muscles these days with 3-5 sets of high reps and a little lower weight. I am loving the effects! Here is my shoulder workout from today: 

Warm up Overhead press machine 3 sets of 15 @ 35# 

Overhead press 20# DB
seated, straight arm side raise 10# DB  
Prone Rear delt fly 10# DB

4sets of 10-12

upright row 20# DB
side raise bent arm 15# DB

4sets of 12

Right after the warm ups! Not bad for the start... 

I also got a glimpse of my back in the mirror and took a pic! Not bad progress--after I met Felicia Romero, IFBB pro and she suggested working on shoulders and back, I have been diligent in doing so! HAPPY Happy with the peak of my back today. 

Slow Six pounds
I am SLOWLY leaning out. It's a little slower than I would have liked, but slow and steady wins the race, meaning I want to keep all the muscle I can and stay strong while I lean. My goal was six pounds in December, but if you follow me on FB you will see that my hubs and I had done poorly at food tracking, so it has been 2 pounds, not six. Still I rocked my goals of increase water and being SPOT on for supplement intake! 

The holidays aren't to blame for not meeting my goal, a new schedule/family/routine isn't either. I was lax in what I ate, it wasn't as clean as it could or should have been and I can see it, but the good news is that I can see my hard work in the gym paying of, my good supplementation paying off and I know that the last few weeks of reigning it in are starting to show as well. 

Better and with RESOLVE

I want to be better than ME, better than yesterday, stronger than I was before, I want to see change. I am not much for setting resolutions this year. I don't know why. I usually am. This year, I feel the Lord leading me stronger than ever and maybe that's it. My goal, my RESOLVE is to abide in Him, follow HIM, enjoy his benefits and his goodness. I know I will do things this year, I always have goals ahead of me and to share honestly God even told me, this was a "the year" for me. I don't know what that means, or in what arena, but I know that my heart, head and feet better be ready. My best prep for that is being saturated in His word, the bible and keeping my eyes fixed on Him! 

 What are you resolving to do in 2013??

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