Friday, March 22, 2013

Cheating, dealing and a habit forming

I think I am getting wiser with age. Really. 
I have changed my mind on a few things. The first being habits, the second I will tell ya later. OK, first a little eye candy for ya: 

Since I am now 4 weeks into contest prep, I am getting my cheat or as I like to call them TREAT meals once a week. This past Saturday, I had the MOST AMAZING salad and burger. It was a lovely little date night with MACK. We cooked together, listened to some Sade and shared in a big salad with goat cheese, strawberries, black olives and walnuts and then a homemade burger with avocado! DE-LISH! I love all the color. It's so relaxing to cook with the hubby, we are all about teamwork in the kitchen, just like diet and exercise. 

Do you ever feel like you WANT something so bad, but you keep putting it off. Maybe you chose something and then do the opposite, or how about having a dream that you just can't let go of but can never take a step toward what you want. Why?? Don't we want these things? Why don't we act? Why can't we make change and   STICK to it, DEAL with it? 

I have been dealing with it lately. I was reminded by my coach that I CHOSE this path. I want to do this, so why not STICK TO IT? I was dealing with my desires and drives. 
Am I afraid?? Maybe. I was afraid before I became a trainer. I thought if I succeeded, that I would have to show up, to be knowledgeable, to DO well as a trainer. People would come to me and expect me to KNOW what I was doing. 

If I commit to this contest prep with 100%, what does that mean if I succeed? 
SO I am dealing. 
I am in this, my coach can't stick to my diet for me.
My coach didn't chose this for me. 
My outlook has changed. I am choosing this, and I am committing. Fear or no fear. Which means that my habits are altering slightly and once I changed my view on it, it became a personal challenge: Me against me. I am keeping my word to myself. I am creating new habits, no, not just new habits in 28 days, but a NEW solution. 

The Guardian posted this recently about habits: 

"Habits: we tend to think about habit change wrongly...we're mired deep in what the Greeks called "akrasia": deciding on the best course of action, then doing something else. The way round to see that habits are responses to needs. This sounds obvious, but countless efforts at habit change ignore its implications. If you eat badly, you might resolve to start eating well, but if you're eating burgers and ice-cream to feel comforted, relaxed and happy, trying to replace them with broccoli and carrot juice is like dealing with a leaky bathroom tap by repainting the kitchen. What's required isn't a better diet, but an alternative way to feel comforted and relaxed."

YES!! There is no 28 day rule, there is only lifestyle alteration and NEW solutions! So I am embracing new solutions! And I am determined to succeed, maybe not this time, but maybe next time or the time after that. Meaning: I am going to continue, deal and move forward!! 

What new HABIT are you working on forming?? 

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