Saturday, April 6, 2013

The decision has been made!

I am doing it again. I don't do it often, but now, it's a habit. 
Cardio is back

Mostly it's in the gym, but Thursday I did sprints at the lake! 
COOLD for a tank, but I am an optimist! 

I like how it pushes me and how I feel when I am finished with it. Habit forming is very important for success, but really, as my good friend Cheryl pointed out, a decision made first. You DECIDE what you want and your choices follow suit. If your choices fall short, then it's not really what you want. Most people fall short for lack of DECISION. 

Sometimes I wonder if I am giving 100%. I know 100% looks different for everyone, but for me, am I going far enough, pushing hard enough. I want to be all in. So, I tell myself, a little bit longer, a little bit more, one more time. Honestly, when I confessed (talked about, confided in you, came clean etc) how the fall/winter months were hard on my clean lifestyle, It was hard to do that. It was hard to say, I wanted this thing, but not bad enough. 

I didn't throw the towel in when I messed up, I kept going, but I wasn't working to my potential and I knew it and I cared, but not enough. Well, now, 7 weeks and 2 days into my new competition plan I am realizing, I DO CARE ENOUGH. I am ready to not go back again, not slide, not compromise. For years I lived a healthy, fat loss lifestyle and some significant changes had me overwhelmed, but now. The hunger is there. 

 I will stay in this shape, in the pic above, year round. I have got my motivation back. When I see results, I am propelled forward. Sure, I am 8 weeks into contest prep, but the way I am eating now is sustainable and enjoyable, I CAN do this and I want to. No going back, no doing this for bikini season, no doing this for a show, like my sweet friend Cheryl said, I am training for life. Do I always have the willpower? No, but I always have the tools. Do I always have the drive? No, but I will have the habits I construct. 
I don't HAVE to do this. 
I don't HAVE to eat the way I do. 
I don't HAVE to give my all. 
I don't have to be consistent. 
It's my choice. 

I will give 100%. I will give more than that If I have it, if I can muster it, if God will guide me there and strengthen me to stay. The decision has been made, the bar has been raised. 

On a side note, the natural foods co-op by my house has nut butter machines that grind the butter for you RIGHT THERE. Almond butter has never been so amazing. No joke. I love it!! 

Where are you setting the bar today?? 
What will you decide to do?? 

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway from Premier Protein!! Very excited about this product--coming this week!! 

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