Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Recipe: Banana bread breakfast cookies

Any kind of little treat, I am ALL about it! But they have to be clean, easy and healthy for MACK and Mini Mack. 
I first found the recipe from Felica Romero, IFBB Figure Pro! I met her in January and followed her here on Facebook after that!

I modified the recipe some since then to make them a little more dense and some FUN, clean and yummy add-in's so you can create the perfect breakfast cookie for your family! 

Technically, they don't HAVE to be for breakfast, but with oats and banana's--why not! My son Mini MACK LOVES having cookies for breakfast, you know kids! 


 3 ripe(spotted or soft) bananas
 1 &1/4 cup oats 1 scoop vanilla protein
 a palm full (2T) of mini chocolate chips 
 & 1/4 Cup shredded Coconut

Mix all the ingredients together and Bake 15 min at 350! I have been using parchment paper with all my baking lately, and I love it, these don't stick at all. With the shredded coconut, they really become like little banana breads!! It's JUST that simple!

 And there are great add-ins:

Walnut chopped, dates chopped, butterscotch chips (very small amount, cinnamon to taste, a Tablespoon your favorite nut butter, goji berries or smaller dried currents, Chia seed, ground flax! They can be made into SO many different varieties....hungry anyone?

I also have not tried chocolate or strawberry protein powder, but they would be a fun twist. 

Show Update: I got an awesome suit off the Internet and am putting my own rhinestones on it!! I am very excited! This week I am focused on diet 100% and getting lifts and cardio in spot on. There is no room for error, I want to take home a place in each category. Last year I got second and I don't take steps backwards, only forwards, so here is my declaration. I want first! 

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