Thursday, June 6, 2013

Success Story: Anni Mairs

It's been way too long since a success story and I have an awesome one for you!

Anni Mairs is a local gal right here in Minneapolis Minnesota and she is the FOUNDER of Force Fitness, a workout program she created. As you read below, on top of founding and starring in the Force Fitness DVD collection, she is a lot like the rest of us, just out to see results in her journey. 

This past spring, Anni competed in her first Bikini Competition through Fitness America, so she is definitely seeing and delivering results! Read about her journey and seasoned fitness advice below: 

I started distance running when I was 17 years old. I am now 53, and since my first historic run all those years ago, I have lettered in Cross Country and Track, ran two Grandma's Marathons in Duluth MN, broke an indoor club track record by running 30 miles without stopping, managed and owned fitness clubs, became a group fitness instructor and developed my own fitness format and starred in five workout DVD's for in-home use.

I was a very heavy kid. I was trapped in the cycle of yoyo diets and fluctuated in weight between the ages of 17 and 40, sometimes upwards of 50 pounds. 
So, what I have learned in the last 36 years? What words of inspiration/motivation am I about to offer here? 

What we eat, how we exercise and how we choose to live our lives is personal. Everyone does it differently.

There is no perfect way to eat right. There is no perfect way to get into shape. In fact, there is no perfection. The most important and responsible thing you can do for you is to ask yourself: 

What do YOU want? What lifestyle is perfectly authentic for YOU?!

Once you answer that question honestly you will be able to get and stay on a routine that works for you. You will have your ups and downs, but getting real with WHY you have made certain goals for yourself will seriously lessen the chances of falling off the wagon!

Anni as starring in her own home 
workout DVD: Force Fitness

Listen to your heart. Once you know what you want to do, surround yourself with professionals who will help you achieve YOUR goals. If a diet or exercise routine doesn't feel right, switch it up until you find one that works! The same thing with diet.

We are bombarded with expectations, images and gimmicks everyday. I believe that the answer - the real, organic and authentic answer - is already inside of us. If you always listen to that, trust, do the work and continue to ever move forward on your road to wellness, you will never fail.

Wow, those are words of inspiration and from a woman who has lived it! Anni has seen success in life, business AND fitness, she is definitely one to follow! You can check out Force Fitness here at the main website or follow Force Fitness on Facebook as well. And watch the stages for Anni as she continues to succeed in her own journey of fitness and health! 

Do you know someone who is a success story or are YOU one yourself?? Contact me at Mary @ Fit this girl dot com to be featured for your journey, success and general AWESOMENESS!! There is room for us ALL to rock! 

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