Friday, September 27, 2013

Getting your workouts DONE anywhere!

 One thing I have learned since being a trainer is that there are three kinds of people working out. People who get their workouts done, people who have excuses about not getting their workouts done and people have VALID excuses about not getting their workouts done. 

Both of the last 2 people have excuses. Valid or not, we can move past excuses with a little PUSH and some great ideas. Busy mom's? Work long hours? Travel alot? DOESN'T matter! Here are some Tips for getting your workouts DONE! 

Use what you have 
Don't have weights at home? Grab a gallon jug, a bag of flower, a jug of cat litter and LIFT! Fancy equipment and even gym equiptment are not needed! If you are a mom taking your child to the playground you can run and play with them and do push ups and body dips off a bench in between!

Get up, get OUTSIDE
If your traveling or out of town, you can ALWAYS still get up and workout. No hotel gym? Do jumping jacks and sit ups in your room, go outside and walk/run alternating as you pass light poles. There is always a movement to do. Make it a non option, wake up, work out and be happy! 

Not at home? No problem
Just because your visiting someone doesn't mean you can't still workout. Bring a DVD and recruit your friends to do it. Get a 3 day guest pass at the local gym, grab your hosts and hit the playground for an adult game of tag with pushups for the losing team! Inspire those you are with to move and work too! 

Here are three written workouts for you to do

Run light poles or parking spot stripes in the parking lot 2 min
10 push ups on a bench
10 tricep body dips on a bench 
10 step ups (fast) each leg on a bench 
10 squat jumps in place 
cross the monkey bars 
pull ups to failure at the end 
repeat 3x  

run or walk around your house or block to warm up 2 min. 
 10 each leg Gallon jug static lunges: hold a full gallon jug of water and step forward to a lunge
15 Chair squat and row: sit or squat to kitchen chair, upright row your gallon jug 
15 flower presses: Sit in chair, press flower or sugar overhead
15 tricep dips off kitchen chair with feet on another chair
repeat 3x 

Warm up with 1 min of Jumping Jacks
Move into 20 Squats with body weight
30 bicycle crunches
12 burpees 
2 min of killers agains wall 
60 seconds of plank pushups and 30 seconds of side plank on each side.
repeat 3x

 Always end with some stretching, being sure to stretch your quads and hamstrings!
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