Monday, November 11, 2013

Foam Rolling, honest progress and recap of NANBF show!

Happy Official Fall!! 
The blustery mornings are here, the leaves have fallen and the great fall foods are in full effect!

I have to be honest here and say that I am LOVING Brussels sprouts, squash and sweet potatoes right now... clean and lean eating is making my mouth happy! Three weeks post show and I am feeling good about not rebounding into a world of cupcakes, candy and JUNK! This weekend was some treats and cheats, but also filled with amazing foods to help me grow.

NANBF Northern States Natural Classic recap:

I placed 5th in the novice class and I am so grateful for that! I have entered shows where I didn't place at all. Competitors put in long days, weeks and months worth of work and often give up more than just treats. Many a workout, meal prep etc is done after the kids have been put down or while Dad/Mom does bath and bedtime.

Well, if I get honest and look at my judges comments on my placing, I believe it was more than fair. Their comments? Not lean enough. WHAT you might say, but really what was lacking in my training was dedication to cardio training. I was often missing or behind in cardio workouts for various reasons: we moved, I was working overtime, I chose sleep and food prep over them. 

Either way you slice it those "reasons"  valid or not, came before my training and it was my choice. The results? Placing 5th, not looking as "tight" or "conditioned" as my June show. It's the honest truth and it's more than fair. Does it suck that I those were my results? Sure! Are the judges to blame, my busy schedule? No, It was me! You know that crazy meme that goes around the Internet? "Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do." That sums up my last show. 

It was a hard prep, a long prep and my heart was in most of it. I am grateful to walk away with a medal and a place. I have renewed vigor for my long, upcoming off season. I will take 1 year off the figure stage and step back up on stage October 2014 with even more changes behind me. From a different perspective, not everyone who comes to the gym and works hard steps on stage so I am thankful that I do. I have plenty of friends and clients who come in and really DO go beast and could give me a run for my money in the gym. Everyone I am around works so hard and it's inspiring to me! Needless to say, I am proud of my pics, here are a few: 

Proactive Recovery: FOAM ROLLING
I am re embracing foam rolling as a lifter. I used the method often when I was running, but even more important now is keeping my muscle tissue and the fascia working properly so I can see results and growth from all my hard work.
If your fascia has knots in it, is tight or is "stuck" your muscles won't have room to grow or even move the way they are supposed to. By making proactive recovery a part of your program you can keep ahead of the muscle recovery game. Foam Rolling is an easy, inexpensive way to do that.

 Foam rolling is a method of Myofascial release massage that you can do on your own, at home or the gym. Most foam rollers are under 20 dollars and your trainer, massage therapist or even sites like can help you navigate through how to foam roll. You can roll out anything, I have been working on my lats, glutes and IT band. I am making it a part of my routine, just like a healthy diet, so my hard work pays off to it's fullest potential!

Do you Foam Roll? Do you do it daily or weekly? 

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