Thursday, November 14, 2013

Recipe: Pecan and Coconut crusted Shrimp

Pecan and Coconut crusted Shrimp
I wanted to try a shrimp recipe and a co-worker had breaded shrimp with coconut JUST the week before! With every recipe I wing, or create, I loosely base it on others from the Internet so they don't fail horribly! This is loosely based on a recipe from Skinny taste dot com, so thank you!! 

1/2 LB cooked shrimp (about 16), tail on (OR not, for a more, popcorn style) 

1 Cup shredded coconut
1/4 cup finely crushed pecans 

3 egg whites 

Get started: 
Thaw shrimp. Take each piece and cover in the finely crushed pecans. Dredge in egg whites and then dip into shredded coconut. 

I was SURE that the pecans would come off in the egg and it didn't!! It worked perfectly! I was impressed. Apparently egg whites AFTER your coating is often the way to go... who knew! 

Lightly spray a glass baking dish or use a non stick cooking sheet and lay out the coated shrimp. spray the top with cooking spray and bake at 425 for 7 min, turn over and bake another 7 min!

I served the shrimp with sauteed Brussels sprouts and a Greek yogurt dipping sauce! 

4 Tablespoons Fage greek yogurt 
1 Tablespoon Hawaiian dip mix (tastefully simple) 
1 Tablespoon lemon Juice Mix and use for dipping!

It's spicy and tangy and perfect with the sweeter shrimp coating! 

Working hard to get it in this week. The first few days, I was lacking and SLACKING and it was showing up everywhere. I was tired, groggy, chapped lips, bloated (holding water) and had a headache. When I got it in CHECK, I was taking in FAR too little than usual and just going to coffee when I was running on EMPTY. PRIORITY CHECK--drinking water is a HABIT, I need to focus on it, work to get it in and have accountability partners when I need help! All of which I have done in the last few days. 

How much WATER are YOU getting today?? 

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