Sunday, November 17, 2013

Body awareness 101: 60 days, no scale

What is body awareness ?
I think of times when I was aware of my body. When I would fall in High School and skin my knees doing the hurdles. That raw burn, the feeling of asphalt track in your flesh, the hot scream of the blood. When you do a core workout and wake up in the middle of the night to roll over and can't. It's a corset of searing ache. When you embrace bravery and speak up, the adrenaline courses like an angry river through your body, your legs, you think you won't be able to stand, you feel hot all over, light like you may fall over. A skyscraper high on the fear, but ready to topple from the terror. We FEEL everything we want to feel, lots of things we don't want to. 

Here's an example from my life. When I was young, I drank a lot of pop. A LOT. UBERALOT. Incredibly unhealthy amounts. When I stopped. I couldn't BELIEVE how I felt. Not to be disgusting, but my digestive system started to work like it should. I was amazed at how I wasn't bound up, sick to my tummy, how I had more energy and no headaches. It wasn't until I knew what NORMAL felt like that I realized what my body's real bio-feedback felt like and was. (Biofeedback= gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions) Knowing if you are tired, dehydrated, bloated, inflamed, if your skin is reacting to something, if your muscles need more rest or are recovered properly, if you've had a reaction to something, if your body wants to work how you want it to that day, if you are stressed, sleeping well etc... 

SO, since I am taking ONE YEAR off of competing, I am doing an experiment. Keep in mind, I am not going OFF a healthy lifestyle or even a healthy food plan. I am not a real believer in an OFF-SEASON, but a season of preparation, we are NEVER off our healthy journey, we are always on it and always striving forward for our best self! I am eating toward that and working toward that, SMARTER than last time I tired it. In conjunction with my experience of getting my back muscles working and growing the way they should, I am focused on how my body is feeling (biofeedback) and WORKING and I want to rely on only my body for that. I am going to see if I can do it with out the help of the scale, any skin fold measurements etc. For the next 60 days (54 now) I am going to be using only visual progress pics, the way my clothes fit and how my body FEELS. It's a practice in body awareness. Being present in my skin, my bio feedback, trusting my body. 

DO I trust my body? 
WILL I LISTEN to my body? 
Can I lose a little BF while keeping my muscle mass and all just by eyeballing my physique? 

I WILL: stick to my food plan, weigh and measure food, do cardio 4x a week and of course lift. I will also continue with my foam rolling, stretches Holy Yoga all of which are things that I have done poorly in previously and will focus on as much as lifting heavy for my proactive recovery! 

Coming soon: HOLY YOGA and christian meditation! 

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