Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Word & Weight: Sliders and JOY

Word & Weight: Slider Burpees 

Romans 15:13

New Living Translation (NLT)
I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

A while back I blogged about the Fruit of the Spirit. JOY and peace are part of those "fruits" and this time of year, everyone is talking joy, peace, goodwill, thankfulness etc. But Joy and Peace are different, they are EMOTIONS. The bible tells us that our hearts, in a fallen state, often can't be trusted and I have learned over my Christian walk that my emotions can not lead the way or I will find myself at a dead end. There are days I feel sad, feel fat, feel insecure, but these feelings are false! (please note that discernment from God, and biofeedback like being tired are different than FEELINGS.)

  But the bible ALSO tells us that God makes us NEW creatures in Christ. (2 Cor. 5:17) We are not simply mended, healed, fixed, updated, upgraded etc-- we are NEW! This includes your emotions--your sadness, your anxiety, your doubt, your despair. God can give you HIS emotions, NEW emotions, like Romans says above, he wants to "fill you completely with joy and peace" (his perfect emotions)because you trust him." God means business when he using words like FILL, Completely, OVERFLOW!! Let him give it all to you, he wants to hold nothing back-- trust he wont!

Slider Burpees 
(yes burpees, love em or leave em!) 
Some of the best and thrifty piece of equipment for a great workout are EZ Sliders, for moving furniture! (these are from Bed Bath and beyond!)

Using the EZ sliders at your gym or at home, center your feet hip distance apart on them. Holding 2 dumbbells under your shoulders, tighten your core and slide your feet back, ending in plank position. 

Stabilize your core and drive one elbow up toward the celling pulling the dumbbell into a row. ( you may widen your feet for added stability OR place the other hand flat on the floor as well) Perform a row on each side. 

Then engaged your abdominals, pulling both knees up to your chest and stand. Using the same weights in a fluid motion, perform a bicep curl and then a press overhead. You may take one or BOTH feet off of the slider for safety or you may keep them planted on the sliders. 

Like my basement and my CASUAL 
at home workout outfit? Awesomesauce! 

Using the EZ sliders will lessen the impact of the burpee as you slide in and out of the move and feel the exercise on your abdominals and less on your joints. It's a great way to make the Burpee better on your joints and more effective on your core.  

AND HEY! I got a little kitty! She has no name yet and it's hard to call her--HEY YOU, doesn't have a great ring to it!! 
She is curious and of course, adorable.  We are still adjusting to the BIG new house and where the best places to hide and play are. The other resident kitty isn't so happy, she is hiding and doesn't have perfect peace or joy. 

Happy Thanksgiving week ! 

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