Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rest--RE-Creating your health and wellness with REST!

My pastor said something about recreation last week... and it DAWNED on me that the word itself was RE-Creation... recreating something that was already there. Taking something old and making it NEW. 

Can REST and Recreation recreate a part of our body, our health and fitness as much as WORK can create?? YES. 

I enjoy sports, fun, down time and vacation, but what REALLY does rest and leisure time do for us? What does it help RE-create?? 

REbuild-- our muscles. Rest allows time for our muscles to recover, rebuild and restock our glycogen stores so we can perform the same and even BETTER next workout. Our bodies need rest days. Active recovery and rest reduces inflammation and allows our joints to rest as well. We rebuild and recreate our physique when we rest! Its actually reccommended that for ever 10 weeks training we take 7 DAYS rest...

Rest-not stressed-- we rest our MINDS. So often when we workout, run, lift, and are goal focused our minds are go, go, go. When we rest, we rest our minds,and take time to mentally have a rest day. Sleep, reading for leisure, taking a bath, a walk, a play date with our kids. These can rest our minds, slow the world down and help us to recreate the mindset we need to rock the rest of our week.

REfocus-- have you ever put a project down for a day or two or a week?? When you come back to it, its NEW, we feel refocused on it, a problem area seems solved, we have a new fresh idea about it. Maybe you are burned out on your sport--take a break, try a new one. Add yoga in to lifting, take a new route running, a break will ignite change, a new vigor, a new idea and new focus... 

REnew--our minds and our HABITS! When we renew our minds, we recreate our thought process... take a week and make reading a psalm or proverb daily a new habit. You will find your MIND, the command central from where all our action stems, is RENEWED. We REST in Gods hands, we see he is control, we don't have to labor and work to be enough, HE is enough, When your mind is renewed with the bible and it's peace, your WHOLE thought process will be recreated and renewed. There is NO better rest than that. 

Recreation can be an amazing, fun aspect of your health! It doesn't have to be apart from your health, it is in fact ESSENTIAL to recreating the BEST version of you! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

How to turn feelings of failure into motivation!

Failure is a hard word to swallow. 
It's sharp, bitter, its so FINAL. 

FEELINGS of failure though are different. We often FEEL we have failed when we have not, when its a setback or we didn't really achieve our best for what ever reason. 

It's not failure, it FEELS like failure. It happens to everyone, to the masters, the pros, to the novice. So what do we do with it?? 

Don't focus on the FEELING of failure. 

FIRST Focus on what was What went right... what you did good, what you succeeded in. Did you finish strong? Were you FAITHFUL? Did you LEARN a valuable lesson? Were you humble in learning? There must be ONE thing in your experience that went good and you felt ok about, not even ok...find the good, even if it's a weak link of good...Grab on to it, polish it up and be proud and motivated!

Second: focus on what was missing...meaning where can you fill in the gaps next time? Where can you raise your performance up? What can you do to improve even slightly? What baby step can you take daily on your shortcomings? Not that we try and beat our weaknesses into strength, but we can pick a weakness and take a step toward making it a little better. When we see progress we KNOW we can make more!  

Three: Remember the feeling next time you are discouraged... you have been there BEFORE! Instead of letting the discouragement take over, REMEMBER you have been there before and you have survived. You KNOW you can go down from there, THIS TIME... in a moment, decide to go UP. Little by little, choosing to go the other direction will lead you to a new path. When we chose a NEW path over and over, it becomes habit and we carve a whole new life. 

Lastly, when we recognize that everything we experience is a refining process: It's NEVER win or LOSE. It's win or LEARN. We can always learn, even if what we learn is we don't want to do this again. We can learn that in our weakness, God is strong. We can learn that in our FEELINGS of failure, we see a deeper desire there to succeed! If we DIDN'T have the desire to succeed, we wouldn't care if we didn't do our best, if we felt like we failed. 

Your battle should REFINE YOU, not DEFINE you! Be refined, learn your lesson, see you have come out before and will again, strengthen your strengths and take small steps to polish the weaknesses you see. THEN we can turn those feelings of failure into motivation! 

The Bible says that in DUE time we will reap a harvest... not one of failure, but of success and a motivation for ourselves and others!

 Galations 6:9--And let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t get discouraged and give up.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Over coming HOLIDAY Hurdles!!

Do you dread them? Enjoy them? Relish them or wish them over? 
Here are some guides to getting over your HOLIDAY HURDLES and on to healthy habits. 

No, its not about always eating healthy. It's FAR from perfection, it's reality. The reality is that we need to find healthy, happy ways to navigate the holiday foods lest we lose our minds. 

The average person gains, YES GAINS,(not #gainzbro)seven, YES SEVEN pounds over the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. They then spend half the cost of a CAR and 6 months trying to get that weight off, only to do it again the following year. Sound JOLLY and JOYFUL TO YOU? I didn't think so. 

I love food. I am currently debating whether to have my sister-in-laws amazing pumpkin pecan pie OR mashed potatoes and gravy in just a few days at Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy one of those items and not stress what else I eat that day. It doesn't mean I am PERFECT, but it means I have a GAME PLAN to get over those hurdles I know I have tripped over in the past.

Family time: 
Thanksgiving is about being thankful for your LIFE. Whether your family is small, large, or not even related to you, keep your focus on the gratitude that you are loved. That you have shelter, food, God on your side and hopefully loved ones around you. Enjoy that first and foremost. 

Celebrate that day, not that week:
Take the DAY and enjoy it, celebrate it, eat the pie, drink the nog, but don't stretch it out. It's a DAY, not a setback or a mindset till Monday. 

  • Don't take leftovers home unless its protein
  • Be active Thanksgiving night and the next day
  • Don't alter your routine on Friday-Saturday or through the weekend. 

Remember: treats (sweets, breads, even MASHED POTATOES) are available everyday of the year.
We feel like we HAVE to have a little of everything, because its there, but that's a mindset of deprivation. CREATE a mindset of ABUNDANCE and eat from that. Make wise choices, half your plate of veggies, sweets in moderation and YES, by all means a few things you LOVE. 

Stick with protein for round two: One hurdle of mind is round TWO in the turkey ring. I can out eat big men and still be standing. But it doesn't mean I should. Keep round two, post nap eating to protein and veggies! Have a sandwich and then go play some foot ball. Leave the sweets to the sidelines. 

Plan an active event: Instead of laying around the rest of the day or even Friday, plan to get OUT and about. 

  • a football game
  • a walk
  • bowling 
  • and if your brave enough, shopping... 
Either way, the idea is to PLAN to get out and move. It will get you away from the leftovers, off the couch and into a little calorie burn. 

Keep your head up, KNOW Your game plan, HIT those hurdles, before they trip you up. Most of all, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. That means yes, have some of your sister-in-laws pie, play tag, go for a run to burn that bird...enjoy it all and be grateful for the journey. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Chicago AMTC photo shoot and goal MEETING

Here's a little update on my journey with Actors, Models and Talent for Christ! I will be showcasing my fitness model and acting skills for 50+ agencies in December...

It's been 2 weeks since I shot at Open Secret Studios in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. What an amazing experience. The AMTC styling team made me look my best and photographers from Atlanta Leo Marshall and Fernando Decillis were amazing and taught me so much!


Open Secret Studio in Chicago..

Before I get into a photo shoot recap, you may wonder WHY we are raising money for our travel...well AMTC asks that all the Talent stay at the same hotel as the Agents that will be attending SHINE in December. What that means is that agents see my pics, they see me on stage AND they see me in the hotel, interacting with others and with my family. They see the REAL me... I am THRILLED too because Silver Model Management will be sending an agent to SHINE.... fingers crossed!  (

Ok, back to my recap--
Saturday was a long day! I got in from an overnight bus trip at 6am, started my day with coffee and Gluten Free pancakes from Lou Mitchel's Restaurant at the historic start of THE Route 66 in downtown! It was a blast from the past... after that I went to Open Secret Studio, dropped my 80 plus pounds of bags off and walked around downtown until my call time at 11:30.

Chicago is LOVELY... I think I could live there...

Then in true model style it was a game of hurry up and wait: Professional hair and make up artists, created a clean look for my fitness shots--Gary my make up artist had worked with Claudia Schiffer, but said I was prettier. (Wha?? Happy dance!)

The Royal treatment!

The outfit the style team picked was perfect, fitted pink pants and my paint splatter BSkinz sports bra! Thank you Bskinz for your support of my journey!

After my fitness shots were done, it was back to hair and make up for Lifestyle shots, here is where I was FEVERISHLY taking notes on all Leo had to say about my posing...all the months of training, walking runways, moving, posing and Leo DOUBLED my knowledge in a 60 min shoot!!

The experience overall was amazing. I had a BIG awesome burger to treat myself before heading home that night on the bus.

THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting me in this journey, 7 more weeks till the big event...that's a lot of chicken, rice and broccoli and cardio!

Everyone talks about goal setting, but what ABOUT making sure we MEET those goals? Avoid failure and arrive at our destination?

Failure is in the eyes of the beholder. CS Lewis says: "Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success." We try and succeed at finding out what doesn't work, and we travel forward all the while. So set the goals, but take a few simple steps to assure that you MEET the goals also:
Know EXACTLY what you want: Write it out, speak it, visualize it and the more detailed the better. Do it even if you feel silly. It will keep you on track and keep your eyes on the prize. You don't want to sacrifice the good for the great. 

Map out the steps: SEE where you will be: Just like a GPS, you know your destination, map out the path to get there. Careful of detours, of scenic overpasses that will derail or delay you. No matter how beautiful, not every road needs to be taken. I think about my self and goals and its so tempting to do fun photo shoots and events (runway shows), but I am not a runway model, it brings me CLOSER to my goal, to food prep and have meals ready than to do a "fun" project. 

PRAY!! God can bridge the gap of what we do and where he intends to place us, He really is the ONLY way to do that. He can bring supernatural opportunity to you, he can open doors no one else can and he KNOWS the desires of your heart. His path may not look like yours, but its a better way. Pray, seek him ABOVE all, even your goal and you will THRIVE in all you do.

Rethink failure: The road to your goal, may look different than you think it should, it may take longer, be more challenging, it may contain heartache or feel lonely. What is failure? Taking 2 years to travel what you wanted to in one? Seeing small successes that add up instead of one big loud bright success? Is it helping others along the way vs. catapulting to the top alone? When we rethink failure, we will revision success.

Happy Snowy Monday, have a great and successful week!

Rascal confused by our snow this morning!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Forward motion: a body in motion, stays in motion

How hard is it to GET MOVING once you have stopped? 
I used to skate roller derby and the HARDEST thing about the bouts, was not the HITS, checks, sprinting or all the bad calls from the refs... it wasn't even the falls. It was getting back UP, creating momentum again, to get moving once you have stopped. 

The key then is not to STOP. Derby is different, getting knocked off your block and your momentum stolen is out of your hands, but things in life feel our of our hands too right? Kids, work, illness, even FEAR at times. Here are a few ways to Create FORWARD Motion and STAY IN MOTION. 

iPhone check ins:Set an alarm. Daily, weekly, monthly, WHEN ever you need to check in. Every Monday? Step on the scale, more than 4lbs from your goal? High gear. Thursday at noon? Yoga upstairs in the office? Saturday afternoon? Time to cook some protein for a few days of meals... you get the idea. YOUR the boss of your forward motion. So set an alarm, keep a meeting with yourself and create that forward motion. 

1 Push up Rule: All you have to do is one. One push up, even on your knees or how ever you get it done. It's a small step, but once you are down on the floor to do one, chances are you can and WILL do more. Tell yourself you just need to do one and do it. Silly is as silly does and by continuing to set a goal and meet or EXCEED it, you create forward motion. 

Break it down: Write out your goals one at a time. Start small, by ALL means start small.Write out what you want, when you want it by. Write out small steps you WILL take and your vision of how you want to walk out your journey. People are 70% more likely to achieve goals if they are written out, so take your pen to paper and move it on forward.  

Creative Accounting: with each choice ask yourself: at the end of the day, will this add too or subtract from my forward motion? It takes the pressure out of having "GOOD" or "BAD"or even perfect days. Just win the choice in front of you, all the other choices will come when they come. It's the one day or ONE CHOICE at a time.. Chose wisely--its life accounting. 

In home, online: Hire a trainer to meet you in the basement for a workout before dinner (or better YET, while your hunny makes dinner!) Bust out the ipad and do a 20 min fitness blender workout online locked away from the laundry. It's Mommy or Daddy's time... you can't draw from an empty well, but you dont have to spend an hour at the gym to do it. 

Friendly fire: get a friend to call you out, help you out and help you UP when you are down. Someone who is honest, who loves you and who will tell you how it is. Then recruit them to go on a journey WITH you... Success loves company to! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to avoid losing and gaining the same weight

As a trainer and healthy lifestyle writer and advocate I really, REALLY dislike yo-yo dieting, inconsistent lifestyles etc...
I don't believe anyone can keep up with a "Perfectly" balanced life for very long and we don't need to. Restriction leads to feelings of deprivation and ultimately excessive reactions--binging, overeating, a 180 back to old habits.

A healthy life has an ebb and flow, it has a rhythm, that creates a melody flowing through out. We eat healthy, workout, work hard, we eat what we love, sometimes we treat ourselves, we operate away from denying ourselves what our bodies need, but will be in control of what our bodies crave. We are fit, we run, lift, dance, move, pliƩ, clean, press, cook, work, and ROCK at playing out the unique melody of our lives. Every day different, every note different, all the same opus.

What happens when we lose the ebb and flow, when the flow wont GO and our routines get stopped up. What happens when our weight creeps up, when we excuse it away and become the person that is focusing on those same 10# every other 6 months or so?? How do we break out of that?

from fat to fit, to figure...but then what?
Then what was weight gain. The picture on the left is the February after my 2nd figure show. I did 2 back to back in 2012, then got married and felt like a yo-yo dieter. Look at the picture of me, in my pink figure suit, I was the lowest weight ever. In my LIFE. In the one in my bra above, I was 8-9lbs over my normal body weight, the one I had  been sustaining post weight watchers, from eating clean and from lifting.

This happened again in 2013. My weight drops for two figure shows (not as low) and coming off those shows, I hit, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas. I hit 9-10lbs OVER MY NORMAL weight again.

Here I was (AM)a weight loss success story my weight fluctuating every 6 months by as much as 12-15lbs!

I felt undisciplined, I felt ashamed, I felt like I was a total amateur, that I had let the holidays get the best of me, the "treat" meals happen too much. The truth was a little of all of that. Save for the shame, that was NOT a healthy feeling...a little healthy guilt will keep you in check, but SHAME is from the enemy!!  I was (AM) human and when I dieted for a show, I did go overboard afterwards. Where was the ebb and flow, in that, the melody?? I felt like it was drowned out, by either the sharp hard percussion of the figure show or floating head barely above the water to the soothing woodwinds of comfort foods, holidays and feeling immune to JUNK FOOD because well, I was a trainer, a COMPETITOR. (HEAD HELD HIGH--that's a sign, pride comes before a fall).

Ways to avoid the all or nothing, the YO-YO life we sometimes experience.
1) YOU ARE HUMAN. Have a treat. Treat the treat like a special moment, done in moderation. It's like fire. One candle is pretty, but it can burn your house down. Respect the treat. But be human. Show grace to yourself when you get burned and just keep going.

2) There is ALWAYS time. Don't stress and go all or nothing to lose that last 10lbs. Take it one pound at a time, enjoy the process. There is also always cupcakes, they are in every store everywhere. You don't have to eat the free ones at the office. There is always cardio to do, a walk, a run, a stairmaster session. ALWAYS make time for cupcakes and cardio, cardio more than the first.
3) Eat real food. Eat carbs, just eat the right ones. Don't freak out too much about it. Eat real food, not food products. Food "products" (processed foods) give us that little belly fat that we find pushing over our jeans. Its the nachos, the ice cream, the bagels, the sunchips. Go for green, gold, blue, red and yellow. Produce doesn't have a label to read. that's a win.
4) You can do anything for ____ amount of time. From my roller derby days. When I was a jammer, it was 2 minutes of hard skating, getting blocked (HARD) by girls (some big girls) whose only goal was to see you splattered on the ground. Sometimes it was over fast, often it went the whole 2 minutes. There is NOTHING like having to push through the pack, get up, get up, push, sprint, sprint more, get up more for 2 min, but it's only 2 min (2 weeks, 30 min, 21 days, 26 miles) and what ever the time frame is, you can do it. Just go 2 more min. Its not that bad.

5)Reverse diet. When you do a show or a photo shoot or something that you get SUPER lean for (not a goal like wedding or reunion, get fit for that and STAY FIT!!), come off it by slowly, SLOWLY adding some normal foods back in. Food--like real food. And just reverse the strictness of it, stick with the workout routines and you should be good.
6) Have a tipping point. Like a pair of pants, a number on the scale etc and when you hit that or creep to the edge of it, don't peek over, turn and run, throw the cupcake down and FLEE!! You can do it.
DEAD LIFT Article:
Wow, thank you to Jason and Brad at Faith & Fitness magazine for asking me to be one of FOUR contributors to the great article on one of my FAVE moves--the deadlift! The link is below, like, share, read comment and LIFT!  

Friday, September 19, 2014

Faith and Fat Loss Challenge, APPLICATION and prayer

It's Friday night and I am glad. 
I have had a week of work, work, workouts, projects and MORE. ALL good things, all BIG blessings being showered on me, but I am ready for an early night in bed and a little ME time with a book or movie. My workouts have been spot on this week. Fasted cardio, even on my day off, lifting (legs twice--score!!) and my diet is yielding results. Here's a shameless selfie after my workouts and breakfast, RIGHT before my LUNCH-NOM! 

My abs look better from the side, my waist isn't too narrow. 

It was suggested to me by a coworker that I eat a few more carbs. I had dropped the amount of my rice and my oats and I think I did it in the name of "cutting calories" and I know better. They suggested to that fasted cardio take precedence. and that I do 20 min AFTER my weights workouts.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough, we must DO. -Bruce Lee

It was when I APPLIED what he suggested (I somehow knew it, I did, and I used to do it even) that I started seeing some different results again. SO many times in life, we have the knowledge, we KNOW it inside out, up and down, we read books on it, share articles on FB, we maybe even TEACH it. But do we KNOW it in our daily walk? Do we practice, do we embrace it as habit, lifestyle? 

I KNOW that cardio is essential for leanness. 
I know slashing calories is detrimental. 
I know reading the bible daily will encourage my heart. 
I know real food is better than fake. 
I know that God loves me.
I know that if there is a treat in my house, I WILL end up eating some. 
I know nutrition is 100% and fitness is 100% 
I know that spending time with my family is more important. 
I know, I know, I KNOW.... 

Do I apply? 

THE BIBLE says in proverbs: 

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

I think we can have lots of knowledge, but wisdom--understanding--comes with Application. We apply, we test these things to be true, we KNOW and then we apply.  

Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise. Many men know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool. But to know how to use knowledge is to have wisdom.  ~ Charles Spurgeon

FAITH AND FAT LOSS 21 Day challenge 
Natural Bodybuilder Ron Williams and I will be running an online group jump starting NEW habits for 21days and for only 21$ Each participant will receive a Faith & Fat loss workbook, daily support scriptures, posts, videos etc on our private FB group and MORE! Message me on FB or email Mary at Fit this girl dot com for details  and to take part! 

1st Phorm Athlete Search:

I usually pray, think and talk to God when I lift. I love pushing myself to the limit and having an encounter with the Almighty who pushes me also. I grind, I pray, I want to be humble in the gym, I want to be humble in all I do. It means letting my heart be soft to what God pushes me to do. It means being transparent when I don't have the answers. Praying all the time, letting HIM show me where I need work, he is transforming me on the inside as I work on the outside. 

I am excited too, If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I am in a contest to be a spokes person for 1ST Phorm supplements. As far as I know, its not the kind of contest you can vote for or push other than use HASHTAGS to have the 1ST Phorm people see you, see who you are and see your motivation for others and the healthy lifestyle. Wish me luck! Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Supplements: SEVEN of the best for beginners

WHAT a great couple weeks its been. Life has been throwing me surprises and curve balls in a good way. Life ebbs and flows, seasons of highs and lows, favor and sometimes hardships.  

God is always showing us favor, even when we face hardships, his favor keeps our heads on straight and our feet on his path till we see daybreak again. 

REMINDER: Galatians 6:4 tells us to do our OWN work, do it well, and not compare ourselves to others. REMINDER TAKEN. It's definitely one I need. I have been reminded lately though too of how far I have come. It's a healthy thing for me to see my journey, my progress, and be THANKFUL for my own work done well. When I thank God for his favor, for my progress, well... there is just MORE and more for me to be thankful for. 


SO many questions I get from readers and clients surround supplements. What to take, when to take them, how much, how long? You should ALWAYS get advice from a knowledgeable source and usually one who practices what they preach. (people who are fit, people who lift :) )

HERE are a few of the basics, all of which I take, these are the brands I am currently using as well

7. BCAA, Branch Chain Amino Acids
Most BCAA's you buy will be powder form and will contain a number of "essential" amino acids-- meaning we don't produce them, so we need to get them in our diet. Using BCAA pre and post workout (including cardio) help to preserve your lean muscle mass as you work out. It reduces the muscle damage and aids in protein synthesis.  I take BCAA's during and after fasted cardio, during a lifting session and often when I will be without food for more than 3 hours (ie: meetings, road trips, clients all day) 

6. CLA:  
Conjugated linoleic acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid (found in dairy and red meats) and is known to help reduce body fat deposits, boost metabolism and improve overall immune function. If you ask someone at a nutrition store, they will tell you it will help you "tone." In COMBINATION with weight training, CLA is a gem for lean muscle gain and fat loss, I take it at night and right away in the morning for the best results.  

Glutamine is an Amino Acid that aids in muscle recovery and soreness, however, it's also amazing for muscle soreness for MORE than just your workouts. YARD work, long runs, etc... and I know plenty of people who take glutamine for SMOOTH muscle recovery as well. My mother being one, she has digestive issues and in combination with food combining, glutamine is strengthening her stomach lining and improving her life! USUALLY  a whey protein powder will have glutamine in it, this is in addition on those HEAVY lift days or if you have another need for it! 

4. Calcium Magnesium: Natural Calm
I take natural calm nightly. I started taking it about 2 years ago when I was having trouble sleeping. It turned out to be so much more than that: 

Magnesium and calcium are fundamental nutrients that need to be in balance with each other in order for you to fully experience good health. Their importance on a cellular level is critical. Calcium and magnesium are like opposite sides of a coin. Calcium excites nerves, while magnesium calms them down. Calcium makes muscles contract. Magnesium is necessary for muscles to relax. Calcium is needed for blood clotting, but magnesium keeps the blood flowing freely. 

READ more here:

Omega-3 fatty acids help lower an individual’s risk for heart attack, stroke, certain cancers, depression and overall inflammation. The Omega 3's in Krill Oil are extracted at the BOTTOM of the food chain and not from fish exposed to other toxins or farmed fish. Joint health, heart heath and workout recovery make Krill Oil my new favorite. I am taking 1000MG daily! 

2. MULTI-Vitamin
GNC Women's Ultra Mega 

It's a no-brainer to take a multi-vitamin, GNC's are all natural, non synthetic. Ever felt sick to your tummy after taking your vitamin? Yeah, that's because 98% are synthetic and that inhibits absorption and breakdown. They are time-released to. NUF said. 

1. THE BIG GUNS, THE #1, Numero UNO of supplements: 

You want a WHEY ISOLATE Protein. Many are simply labeled WHEY, but when you look it's a whey BLEND. The first few ingredients read: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein isolate. This will take at least an hour to fully absorb/digest in your system=NO GOOD. The whey CONCENTRATE slows down the process. The Whey Isolate, or better yet, Hydrolyzed isolate absorb much faster and you get MORE of the actual protein. absorb in about 10 min. High cholesterol content will block protein absorption, with most Isolates you wont have that.   Aim for low carb, low sugar, low fat, low cholesterol and steer CLEAR of soy protein. Soy mimics estrogen (a FAT storing hormone) and decreases testosterone ( muscle building) so drinking a soy "protein" shake will defeat it's purpose. Dymatize ISO is my #1 choice, GNC Wheybolic my second. 
TAKE 1 scoop/serving with in 30 min of a weights/resistance training program to bring protein/sugars and recovery to your muscles. Not just from that workout, but to replenish glycogen stores so your NEXT workout is better, stronger! You can also take an additional scoop during the day as a snack to help you reach your 800-100 and higher protein goals. Whey Isolate promotes weight loss and increase in lean muscle mass. And this brand has PHENOMENAL flavors. 

REMEMBER supplements do just that, they supplement an already HEALTHY, clean diet. They are not meal replacements or a way to cut corners, they will not work unless your healthy and working hard already. Good Luck! Happy SUPPING! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Best Self: selfies, joy and grace

I struggle with grace. 
For some reason, I can extend grace to others, but not to myself. On instagram (@maryfitthisgirl) I called it "SHOULD-ing" on myself. Regrets, holding things against MYSELF instead of extending grace. SELF is so central these days with self help, self love, SELFIES... it's not bad to do things for self, but one thing we neglect is to extend grace to self. Here is what I wrote that I wanted: 

 (To) Exceed my own perceived potential, 
be an excellent wife and mom, have my 
heart and mind congruent, give God glory, 
be happy and be a healthy person. 

When I do these things, I am quite sure, I will be what I deem my "BEST SELF." It will be different than I was yesterday, hopefully moving forward in grace, knowledge, wisdom (the application of knowledge), love and ACTION. If I find myself staying in the SAME place, I just assume, there is something more to learn. If I move forward,I assume its toward my BEST SELF. If I move backward, I assume that I am neglecting something, something is broken.  

RECENT Selfies prove I teeter between staying where I am and moving foward, like I talked about before, a divine cha-cha: Two  steps forward, every now and again, one steps back. Am i not applying knowledge? Am I not walking in LOVE with others and self? Am I not gaining wisdom, am I not giving and receiving grace? Spiritually, physically all these things go hand in hand. 

Its not about perfection, it's about progress, its the divine CHA-cha, it seems to be what MOST of my blogs are about lately. Interesting and noted for sure. My, your, BEST self is a work in progress, a painting that is a vision in the artists mind, a framework of the eternal, a lesson in patience and in FINDING JOY. 

"No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. To those who knock it is opened." CS Lewis

I have a dream, lately I find doubt creeping in, "Do I deserve it? Can I achieve it? Am I good enough, disciplined enough, will I ever be closer or just teeter between dreaming and achieving??"  No matter, BEST SELF is achievable. It's being what you are and what you are not yet. It's embracing that in-between and finding that JOY therein. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 UPDATE and walking through an open door!

It's been a while
As it seems, my last post about progress, not perfection allowed my heart and mind to take a step back from BUSY and just proceed to drink in a summer of changes at home, in my job and in my perspective. All good things, I assure you. 

Here's a QUICK rundown of the new items: 
  • We got a dog, Rascal 
  • I am NEARLY through my first go at the 12 steps of Celebrate recovery 
  • I have learned that I have a GARDENERS heart 
  • I have upped (as I said I would) my modeling
  • I got a new job at a boutique gym close to home
  • I have kept lifting, gained muscle
  • Mack and I have continued to work on our marriage, we celebrated 2 years in June (yay!!) 

There have been ups and downs, that is for sure. I haven't blogged since February...what HAPPENED?? Well, its simple...I let some business fall to the wayside as I let other priorities step forward. 

Marriage is GOOD, but it has been a challenge. We have communication struggles, we sought wise council (separate, together etc..) and because of all of that, rocky as the high road has been, I tend to isolate. People in recovery can do this when they face trials. I didn't stop going to church or doing my 12 steps, I didn't lose myself in pints of ice cream and buckets of chicken, "Fit this, Girl" stayed silent and I learned the art of landscaping and gardening. The healthiest avoidance tactic I have ever used. And as I dig in the dirt, watch some things bloom and some things wither, watch some thrive and some struggle, I KNOW that when I water, cultivate and keep the conditions right in my marriage, it will bloom year after year, better and brighter than the last, that motivates me. Keep going, keep weeding, keep watering, keep being kind, when its hard, when its sunny, when it's stormy. It will be worth it soon... 

Oh the 12 steps...I have to say, right now, in 3 groups at church, 2 for recovery, I am nearly sick of self work!! Thank GOD that I can rely on GRACE then and not works, lists, white knuckling it, but surrender and show up. When I show up, God will work in me, when I prepare my heart for change, he will step up and bring me chances to surrender self and bit by bit, see change. But what a process, it's nearly overwhelming. 

Enter Puppy: Oh, he's a rascal and now free time is spent walking, fetching and as soon as he's old enough, running! He's a Shepard, so he has as much energy as I do, minus the caffeine. 

I have done more modeling, once for a commercial for MN Tourism, a few runway shows and a pinup shoot potentially for a calendar. It's been a learning experience. I am not a runway model, but will need to walk a runway in December for AMTC, so all the practice I can get is GREAT. 

And my new job! It is at a sweet boutique gym near my house, I am going to love it. My co-workers are nice and knowledgeable and I am enjoying my clients so far... has it ever been otherwise? Not for me, I have been walking in Favor since I became a trainer four plus years ago. 

Can you BELIEVE it?? This summer was 5 years a blogger, 4 a trainer and 2 a competitor. Life is so sweet... 

Rascal and updated Family picture: 

Walking through an open door: 
I have struggled a bit this summer with my "off season" look... 
meaning, I was looking like I was on OFF season, when I don't WANT to look like that, nor do I believe that. Last figure show I did was October 2013 and as it often seems to fall, holidays follow as does weight gain for me and a look of OFF season. If it's a lifestyle, I shouldn't yo-yo (10 lbs) like I do. But I have been doing fasted cardio, working hard and really keeping my food in check. 

When an opportunity came to me, to audition for an ADIDAS print add for a "fit runner" I hemmed and hawed about it. Was I FIT? Was I fit ENOUGH?? In October yeah, but NOW? NO. But at the last minute, I submitted my name. The slots were full. I felt relieved, I was CERTAIN I would show up and be embarrassed. 

I shared this with the woman at the modeling agency and she quickly said that I WAS indeed fit enough, that competitors usually have a skewed view of what "fit" is... I did indeed. And I passed up an open door that I let my skewed self image see as a doorway to embarrassment or ridicule. 

Not again, I will from this point, walk through any open door that's within God's will for my life. I will take chances, I will leap, I will stick my neck out, I will HUSTLE, I will submit and surrender and let GOD decide how to use me, where to use me. That's the bottom line from now on. I will walk through the open doors. 

Last week progress pic at 124 lbs
who decides what is fit, 
fit enough and ripped? 

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