Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Success Story: Kali Finger

WOW, you guys, this is one of my fave success stories that I have done so far. I use a little app called Instagram and it is SO much fun! I have "met" some really cool people and Kali Finger is one of them. 

She caught my eye when she posted a #Transformation Tuesday picture where she used to be under weight. NOW, she is a healthy weight, with healthy eating habits and loving a balanced life. 

THAT is the best kind of success. I asked Kali to share with me her journey from restricted thinking and eating to balance and health. Talk about finding true freedom and success, her story is below and its amazing. You can follow her on Instagram @kalifinger! (she likes coffee and quest bars, she could be your BFF)

Kali's story : 

I am 19 years old and I have been "struggling" with food issues since I was 13 years old. I was always an active kid and I was NEVER an overweight or a big kid... I just saw myself as "not skinny" so I thought that if I stopped eating as much, but still kept working out like I was that I would become even "skinnier" and be even more happy. 

In high school I was a competitive swimmer and worked out 6 hours a day in the pool.  I  was burning tons of calories. The downside was, I was not nearly consuming enough calories to make my body or myself feel good. I remember counting out 11 pretzel sticks, chewing on gum, or making snacks or meals smaller and smaller so that I was cutting more and more from my diet and overall intake. Truthfully,  I was not even eating healthy food, I was eating empty calories which ultimately left me feeling hungry. I would go to bed before 8pm so that when I felt hungry, at least I was sleeping and would not wake up to go and eat.  

Kali on the left, under eating and over training. 
That was nearly 2 years ago. 
On the right, today, at a healthy and 
happy weight and place in life! 

My lowest weight was at 100 pounds and then my family stopped me before it got too serious. They watched me eat everything and made me eat often, which to me felt like a punishment and of course I didn't want to do it because I worked so hard to get "skinny". 

My parents finally just sat me down and told me that they were too worried about me and that I  had to start eating more, they were afraid that I was going to become really sick. Of course when they convinced me start eating more, I thought "this is too many calories, I'm going to get fat, gain weight." 

But once I slowly started getting used to eating more, I started to feel SO much better and had a ton more energy than ever before. Then I looked into eating more healthy foods, with lots of nutrients and foods that were GOOD for my body. 

Today, I'm a major health nut and I don't deprive myself at all. Food shouldn't be a fear for anyone, it should be something that we can enjoy! There are still foods I don't want to eat and will never eat again. My relationship with food is better and I constantly have fruit, veggies or a quest bar with me everywhere I go so I always know I have a healthy go to snack.

Now a days I go to the gym regularly or workout in my basement. I also eat healthy, good for me foods and I eat a lot!  My weight now is higher and healthier and sure it fluctuates a little but never that much. I am gaining muscle which makes me so happy. I love where I am right now and I still constantly think about food and I still NEVER  things that make me feel bad or are bad for me. I want to give my body what it needs, because if you eat crap you will feel like CRAP! Food is supposed to be enjoyed and everyone can enjoy it if you eat the right things! 

I am STRONG and HAPPY and so blessed to be healthy and I look forward to life everyday as it comes! 

Kali lifting at the gym! 

Kali--thank you so much for being open to share your AMAZING transformation and success story.  This is so important to me to share, your finding a healthy balance and coming back from unhealthy, harmful behaviors will speak to so many. 

Guys, we have to keep in mind,  anytime you see someone underweight, we never know why.I know girls who TRY to gain weight and it's a slow journey, but we are all on our own journey. Like someone said once, "we ALL have room to rock" and I think embrace each step we take. 

Breaking out of harmful behaviors, loving your body, giving it GOOD foods and forgiving yourself is a gigantic success. Thanks to Kali for showing us a little of that. 


Ben JSM said...

It's funny, how initially exercising can seem like so much effort - much effort - but if you persist with it for a little bit, get past some of those initial pain and despair hurdles, it can start to become addictive, and you find yourself constantly wanting to improve on your previous session. For me, I made a conscious decision to enforce a cut-off point so I wouldn't over train, since my goal was to become fit and healthy, and not to become Mr. Olympus - but I certainly understand the desire to really push the bar - those moments where you feel invincible.

Frances said...

This sounds like me. I was a competitive swimmer as well. Swimmers are under a lot of pressure to be skinny, as everyone always sees them in swimsuits. A surprisingly high number of young swimmers have eating issues. Unfortunately I am still at the counting out pretzel stage and sleeping early so I won't have to eat. I've tried to get away from this but I just can't. I'm too afraid of getting big.

James Weight Loss Blog said...

That is a real success story if there ever was one, but I can sympathize with her decision all those years ago. Swimmers are under a lot of pressure to look 'fit' and 'slim' But good to know she got out of the bad eating habits before it really took its toll.

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