Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Over coming HOLIDAY Hurdles!!

Do you dread them? Enjoy them? Relish them or wish them over? 
Here are some guides to getting over your HOLIDAY HURDLES and on to healthy habits. 

No, its not about always eating healthy. It's FAR from perfection, it's reality. The reality is that we need to find healthy, happy ways to navigate the holiday foods lest we lose our minds. 

The average person gains, YES GAINS,(not #gainzbro)seven, YES SEVEN pounds over the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. They then spend half the cost of a CAR and 6 months trying to get that weight off, only to do it again the following year. Sound JOLLY and JOYFUL TO YOU? I didn't think so. 

I love food. I am currently debating whether to have my sister-in-laws amazing pumpkin pecan pie OR mashed potatoes and gravy in just a few days at Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy one of those items and not stress what else I eat that day. It doesn't mean I am PERFECT, but it means I have a GAME PLAN to get over those hurdles I know I have tripped over in the past.

Family time: 
Thanksgiving is about being thankful for your LIFE. Whether your family is small, large, or not even related to you, keep your focus on the gratitude that you are loved. That you have shelter, food, God on your side and hopefully loved ones around you. Enjoy that first and foremost. 

Celebrate that day, not that week:
Take the DAY and enjoy it, celebrate it, eat the pie, drink the nog, but don't stretch it out. It's a DAY, not a setback or a mindset till Monday. 

  • Don't take leftovers home unless its protein
  • Be active Thanksgiving night and the next day
  • Don't alter your routine on Friday-Saturday or through the weekend. 

Remember: treats (sweets, breads, even MASHED POTATOES) are available everyday of the year.
We feel like we HAVE to have a little of everything, because its there, but that's a mindset of deprivation. CREATE a mindset of ABUNDANCE and eat from that. Make wise choices, half your plate of veggies, sweets in moderation and YES, by all means a few things you LOVE. 

Stick with protein for round two: One hurdle of mind is round TWO in the turkey ring. I can out eat big men and still be standing. But it doesn't mean I should. Keep round two, post nap eating to protein and veggies! Have a sandwich and then go play some foot ball. Leave the sweets to the sidelines. 

Plan an active event: Instead of laying around the rest of the day or even Friday, plan to get OUT and about. 

  • a football game
  • a walk
  • bowling 
  • and if your brave enough, shopping... 
Either way, the idea is to PLAN to get out and move. It will get you away from the leftovers, off the couch and into a little calorie burn. 

Keep your head up, KNOW Your game plan, HIT those hurdles, before they trip you up. Most of all, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. That means yes, have some of your sister-in-laws pie, play tag, go for a run to burn that bird...enjoy it all and be grateful for the journey. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Chicago AMTC photo shoot and goal MEETING

Here's a little update on my journey with Actors, Models and Talent for Christ! I will be showcasing my fitness model and acting skills for 50+ agencies in December...

It's been 2 weeks since I shot at Open Secret Studios in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. What an amazing experience. The AMTC styling team made me look my best and photographers from Atlanta Leo Marshall and Fernando Decillis were amazing and taught me so much!


Open Secret Studio in Chicago..

Before I get into a photo shoot recap, you may wonder WHY we are raising money for our travel...well AMTC asks that all the Talent stay at the same hotel as the Agents that will be attending SHINE in December. What that means is that agents see my pics, they see me on stage AND they see me in the hotel, interacting with others and with my family. They see the REAL me... I am THRILLED too because Silver Model Management will be sending an agent to SHINE.... fingers crossed!  (http://www.silvermodels.com/)

Ok, back to my recap--
Saturday was a long day! I got in from an overnight bus trip at 6am, started my day with coffee and Gluten Free pancakes from Lou Mitchel's Restaurant at the historic start of THE Route 66 in downtown! It was a blast from the past... after that I went to Open Secret Studio, dropped my 80 plus pounds of bags off and walked around downtown until my call time at 11:30.

Chicago is LOVELY... I think I could live there...

Then in true model style it was a game of hurry up and wait: Professional hair and make up artists, created a clean look for my fitness shots--Gary my make up artist had worked with Claudia Schiffer, but said I was prettier. (Wha?? Happy dance!)

The Royal treatment!

The outfit the style team picked was perfect, fitted pink pants and my paint splatter BSkinz sports bra! Thank you Bskinz for your support of my journey!

After my fitness shots were done, it was back to hair and make up for Lifestyle shots, here is where I was FEVERISHLY taking notes on all Leo had to say about my posing...all the months of training, walking runways, moving, posing and Leo DOUBLED my knowledge in a 60 min shoot!!

The experience overall was amazing. I had a BIG awesome burger to treat myself before heading home that night on the bus.

THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting me in this journey, 7 more weeks till the big event...that's a lot of chicken, rice and broccoli and cardio!

Everyone talks about goal setting, but what ABOUT making sure we MEET those goals? Avoid failure and arrive at our destination?

Failure is in the eyes of the beholder. CS Lewis says: "Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success." We try and succeed at finding out what doesn't work, and we travel forward all the while. So set the goals, but take a few simple steps to assure that you MEET the goals also:
Know EXACTLY what you want: Write it out, speak it, visualize it and the more detailed the better. Do it even if you feel silly. It will keep you on track and keep your eyes on the prize. You don't want to sacrifice the good for the great. 

Map out the steps: SEE where you will be: Just like a GPS, you know your destination, map out the path to get there. Careful of detours, of scenic overpasses that will derail or delay you. No matter how beautiful, not every road needs to be taken. I think about my self and goals and its so tempting to do fun photo shoots and events (runway shows), but I am not a runway model, it brings me CLOSER to my goal, to food prep and have meals ready than to do a "fun" project. 

PRAY!! God can bridge the gap of what we do and where he intends to place us, He really is the ONLY way to do that. He can bring supernatural opportunity to you, he can open doors no one else can and he KNOWS the desires of your heart. His path may not look like yours, but its a better way. Pray, seek him ABOVE all, even your goal and you will THRIVE in all you do.

Rethink failure: The road to your goal, may look different than you think it should, it may take longer, be more challenging, it may contain heartache or feel lonely. What is failure? Taking 2 years to travel what you wanted to in one? Seeing small successes that add up instead of one big loud bright success? Is it helping others along the way vs. catapulting to the top alone? When we rethink failure, we will revision success.

Happy Snowy Monday, have a great and successful week!

Rascal confused by our snow this morning!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Forward motion: a body in motion, stays in motion

How hard is it to GET MOVING once you have stopped? 
I used to skate roller derby and the HARDEST thing about the bouts, was not the HITS, checks, sprinting or all the bad calls from the refs... it wasn't even the falls. It was getting back UP, creating momentum again, to get moving once you have stopped. 

The key then is not to STOP. Derby is different, getting knocked off your block and your momentum stolen is out of your hands, but things in life feel our of our hands too right? Kids, work, illness, even FEAR at times. Here are a few ways to Create FORWARD Motion and STAY IN MOTION. 

iPhone check ins:Set an alarm. Daily, weekly, monthly, WHEN ever you need to check in. Every Monday? Step on the scale, more than 4lbs from your goal? High gear. Thursday at noon? Yoga upstairs in the office? Saturday afternoon? Time to cook some protein for a few days of meals... you get the idea. YOUR the boss of your forward motion. So set an alarm, keep a meeting with yourself and create that forward motion. 

1 Push up Rule: All you have to do is one. One push up, even on your knees or how ever you get it done. It's a small step, but once you are down on the floor to do one, chances are you can and WILL do more. Tell yourself you just need to do one and do it. Silly is as silly does and by continuing to set a goal and meet or EXCEED it, you create forward motion. 

Break it down: Write out your goals one at a time. Start small, by ALL means start small.Write out what you want, when you want it by. Write out small steps you WILL take and your vision of how you want to walk out your journey. People are 70% more likely to achieve goals if they are written out, so take your pen to paper and move it on forward.  

Creative Accounting: with each choice ask yourself: at the end of the day, will this add too or subtract from my forward motion? It takes the pressure out of having "GOOD" or "BAD"or even perfect days. Just win the choice in front of you, all the other choices will come when they come. It's the one day or ONE CHOICE at a time.. Chose wisely--its life accounting. 

In home, online: Hire a trainer to meet you in the basement for a workout before dinner (or better YET, while your hunny makes dinner!) Bust out the ipad and do a 20 min fitness blender workout online locked away from the laundry. It's Mommy or Daddy's time... you can't draw from an empty well, but you dont have to spend an hour at the gym to do it. 

Friendly fire: get a friend to call you out, help you out and help you UP when you are down. Someone who is honest, who loves you and who will tell you how it is. Then recruit them to go on a journey WITH you... Success loves company to! 

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