Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rest--RE-Creating your health and wellness with REST!

My pastor said something about recreation last week... and it DAWNED on me that the word itself was RE-Creation... recreating something that was already there. Taking something old and making it NEW. 

Can REST and Recreation recreate a part of our body, our health and fitness as much as WORK can create?? YES. 

I enjoy sports, fun, down time and vacation, but what REALLY does rest and leisure time do for us? What does it help RE-create?? 

REbuild-- our muscles. Rest allows time for our muscles to recover, rebuild and restock our glycogen stores so we can perform the same and even BETTER next workout. Our bodies need rest days. Active recovery and rest reduces inflammation and allows our joints to rest as well. We rebuild and recreate our physique when we rest! Its actually reccommended that for ever 10 weeks training we take 7 DAYS rest...

Rest-not stressed-- we rest our MINDS. So often when we workout, run, lift, and are goal focused our minds are go, go, go. When we rest, we rest our minds,and take time to mentally have a rest day. Sleep, reading for leisure, taking a bath, a walk, a play date with our kids. These can rest our minds, slow the world down and help us to recreate the mindset we need to rock the rest of our week.

REfocus-- have you ever put a project down for a day or two or a week?? When you come back to it, its NEW, we feel refocused on it, a problem area seems solved, we have a new fresh idea about it. Maybe you are burned out on your sport--take a break, try a new one. Add yoga in to lifting, take a new route running, a break will ignite change, a new vigor, a new idea and new focus... 

REnew--our minds and our HABITS! When we renew our minds, we recreate our thought process... take a week and make reading a psalm or proverb daily a new habit. You will find your MIND, the command central from where all our action stems, is RENEWED. We REST in Gods hands, we see he is control, we don't have to labor and work to be enough, HE is enough, When your mind is renewed with the bible and it's peace, your WHOLE thought process will be recreated and renewed. There is NO better rest than that. 

Recreation can be an amazing, fun aspect of your health! It doesn't have to be apart from your health, it is in fact ESSENTIAL to recreating the BEST version of you! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

How to turn feelings of failure into motivation!

Failure is a hard word to swallow. 
It's sharp, bitter, its so FINAL. 

FEELINGS of failure though are different. We often FEEL we have failed when we have not, when its a setback or we didn't really achieve our best for what ever reason. 

It's not failure, it FEELS like failure. It happens to everyone, to the masters, the pros, to the novice. So what do we do with it?? 

Don't focus on the FEELING of failure. 

FIRST Focus on what was What went right... what you did good, what you succeeded in. Did you finish strong? Were you FAITHFUL? Did you LEARN a valuable lesson? Were you humble in learning? There must be ONE thing in your experience that went good and you felt ok about, not even ok...find the good, even if it's a weak link of good...Grab on to it, polish it up and be proud and motivated!

Second: focus on what was missing...meaning where can you fill in the gaps next time? Where can you raise your performance up? What can you do to improve even slightly? What baby step can you take daily on your shortcomings? Not that we try and beat our weaknesses into strength, but we can pick a weakness and take a step toward making it a little better. When we see progress we KNOW we can make more!  

Three: Remember the feeling next time you are discouraged... you have been there BEFORE! Instead of letting the discouragement take over, REMEMBER you have been there before and you have survived. You KNOW you can go down from there, THIS TIME... in a moment, decide to go UP. Little by little, choosing to go the other direction will lead you to a new path. When we chose a NEW path over and over, it becomes habit and we carve a whole new life. 

Lastly, when we recognize that everything we experience is a refining process: It's NEVER win or LOSE. It's win or LEARN. We can always learn, even if what we learn is we don't want to do this again. We can learn that in our weakness, God is strong. We can learn that in our FEELINGS of failure, we see a deeper desire there to succeed! If we DIDN'T have the desire to succeed, we wouldn't care if we didn't do our best, if we felt like we failed. 

Your battle should REFINE YOU, not DEFINE you! Be refined, learn your lesson, see you have come out before and will again, strengthen your strengths and take small steps to polish the weaknesses you see. THEN we can turn those feelings of failure into motivation! 

The Bible says that in DUE time we will reap a harvest... not one of failure, but of success and a motivation for ourselves and others!

 Galations 6:9--And let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t get discouraged and give up.
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