Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Injury and energy: Energems

Being injured is a MAJOR bummer. 
My heart goes out to those with severe injuries or chronic pain. In the last 6 weeks I have been healing from a "minor" injury, but it brought much of my day to day training to a halt. 

It's not something I have talked about on this blog or facebook much. 

6 weeks ago, I strained my adductors badly and have had to reduce my leg/ab workouts to nearly nothing. Even heavy weights on upper body where my abdominals engaged was iffy. 

So I was sticking to bands and body weight upper body, no legs and trying NOT to engage my core. I strained my adductors when I did a routine lower body workout. I didn't do any NEW exercises and didn't do heavier weights than I have before. Yet, when I was almost done with my sets, I felt more sore than usual and cut the workout short. I am glad I did. Within 24 hours, I couldn't roll over in bed, stand on one foot without searing pain or lift my knees more than a few inches off the ground. 

I went to the Dr. thinking I had a hernia, but it was an adductor strain. Enter pained flextion and rotation= walking, twisting, pushing and lifting (rolling over). With a job as a trainer where I am demonstrating  exercises and moving weights, benches and spotting clients, it was a problem. Dr. orders were ice, ibuprofen for anti-imflammatory and rest, all of which I did.

I had trouble rolling a bench, because it meant pivoting with one foot planted while holding weight. I couldn't do even moderate presses without engaging my abs, my psoas etc, any ab work was out of the question.  

Three weeks afterwards, I did a light leg workout and with no luck, I was feeling the strain, not as bad as the first time. 3 more weeks and I added in body weight, lower body work. It was FINE this time. Last week I added in a 15 min SLOW run. Success. 
See that little guy in the front, the pectineus? He was a huge culprit in my strain and continued to send shooting pains when I was doing the lightest of work. 

As hard as it was physically to rest (wanted to grow legs, here I am resting them!) and mentally not working as hard as I want to and know I can, even with my upper body, uninjured, it had to be done. NOW, I am so thankful I did. It's still slow going, I can do body weight work on legs and it leaves me gassed. I can do my full range of upper body including pressing. And I can work weighted abs without issue.  Injury is serious and you may feel discouraged by having to rest, but in the long run, it pays off! Don't rush your recovery!

What are Energems?

First, THANK you to Energems for sending me a sample and a few to send to readers ( facebook winners were contacted) I thoroughly enjoyed them, three little bites really packed an energy PUNCH!! Energems supplements are bite-sized, hard-coated gems made with real milk chocolate. They contain caffeine, B-vitamins and a unique energy blend.


  • Made with real milk chocolate
  • Contains caffeine, B-vitamins and a unique energy blend
  • Only 15 calories each
  • Enhances energy, focus and concentration
  • 1 serving (3 gems) = 1 energy drink
  • 3 servings (9 gems) per box
  • Available in 3 flavors: Chocolate, Mint, Peanut Butter
  • Energems are classified as a dietary supplement

Check them out at energems.net to read more about them and even order yours! The Peanut Butter ones are the best, but all of them are fantastic, thank you again to Energems for the chance to try your fantastic product! 

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