Monday, February 3, 2014

A new kind of vision board for 2014

Do you ever feel like God has been speaking to you, but then what he says doesn't happen...oh say for a long time? Or when you think it should or will? 

Do you ever hear God speak and it's shortened version of the telephone game and you interpret it how you want, hear what you want? 

This past year, 2013, I heard God say, this was the YEAR! Oh man, was my imagination FLYING with that. YES, my year, its MY YEAR! Take first in a show, get a sponsor, do this, do THAT with flying colors and fanfare. Um. No. He said it was the year. Not MY year.(Interpretation one, Mary zero)

So, when 2014 turned the corner, my vision board took a new turn as well. First, it was the first ever that my husband and I did together, with some of our marriage goals and visions on it. 

Second, it isn't crammed full of magazine pics of things I want, things I want to do, habits to create, bodies to emulate, places to go. It's simplified. Clarity is key. I don't need to SEE my desires, I need to see WHOM I desire. I have all those dreams and "things" that I would like from this world in my heart and in my sights, but GOD says....

 "Seek the Kingdom of God (his way of operating) above all else and he will give you everything you need!" God also says: "Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart!" 

In seeking him, I will find him. In finding him I will invite his kingdom to come into my world and his love rule. When his love rules, I will delight in him and that love, that peace that passes all and he will give me all I need and all I desire. Does that mean all the material desires I can handle? No, it most likely means all I need to thrive here in this world, mainly his love, peace, grace, his PRESENCE.  And in tasting that, THAT will become my desire more than anything. 

So my board focuses on being 
JESUS centered
Kingdom minded (this world is a short, short dress rehearsal)
GIVING generously from our abundance in him 
having a JOY filled home (Jesus lives here!) 
Sleeping promised 
enjoying my days and my work
do all to CULTIVATE joy
Take care of my body
be single minded as a couple: fit for Christ
being single minded in goals and in word and deed: 
Putting into practice all I talk about. 

A new kind of vision board, one on a white board, so we can add or modify what doesn't fit with our lives and the Lord leads us. And one that is CLEAR in our focus, vision and mission. The details, those other magazine picture oriented goals and dreams, they will come and they will fade. Be THOU my vision. 

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