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How to avoid losing and gaining the same weight

As a trainer and healthy lifestyle writer and advocate I really, REALLY dislike yo-yo dieting, inconsistent lifestyles etc...
I don't believe anyone can keep up with a "Perfectly" balanced life for very long and we don't need to. Restriction leads to feelings of deprivation and ultimately excessive reactions--binging, overeating, a 180 back to old habits.

A healthy life has an ebb and flow, it has a rhythm, that creates a melody flowing through out. We eat healthy, workout, work hard, we eat what we love, sometimes we treat ourselves, we operate away from denying ourselves what our bodies need, but will be in control of what our bodies crave. We are fit, we run, lift, dance, move, pliƩ, clean, press, cook, work, and ROCK at playing out the unique melody of our lives. Every day different, every note different, all the same opus.

What happens when we lose the ebb and flow, when the flow wont GO and our routines get stopped up. What happens when our weight creeps up, when we excuse it away and become the person that is focusing on those same 10# every other 6 months or so?? How do we break out of that?

from fat to fit, to figure...but then what?
Then what was weight gain. The picture on the left is the February after my 2nd figure show. I did 2 back to back in 2012, then got married and felt like a yo-yo dieter. Look at the picture of me, in my pink figure suit, I was the lowest weight ever. In my LIFE. In the one in my bra above, I was 8-9lbs over my normal body weight, the one I had  been sustaining post weight watchers, from eating clean and from lifting.

This happened again in 2013. My weight drops for two figure shows (not as low) and coming off those shows, I hit, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas. I hit 9-10lbs OVER MY NORMAL weight again.

Here I was (AM)a weight loss success story my weight fluctuating every 6 months by as much as 12-15lbs!

I felt undisciplined, I felt ashamed, I felt like I was a total amateur, that I had let the holidays get the best of me, the "treat" meals happen too much. The truth was a little of all of that. Save for the shame, that was NOT a healthy feeling...a little healthy guilt will keep you in check, but SHAME is from the enemy!!  I was (AM) human and when I dieted for a show, I did go overboard afterwards. Where was the ebb and flow, in that, the melody?? I felt like it was drowned out, by either the sharp hard percussion of the figure show or floating head barely above the water to the soothing woodwinds of comfort foods, holidays and feeling immune to JUNK FOOD because well, I was a trainer, a COMPETITOR. (HEAD HELD HIGH--that's a sign, pride comes before a fall).

Ways to avoid the all or nothing, the YO-YO life we sometimes experience.
1) YOU ARE HUMAN. Have a treat. Treat the treat like a special moment, done in moderation. It's like fire. One candle is pretty, but it can burn your house down. Respect the treat. But be human. Show grace to yourself when you get burned and just keep going.

2) There is ALWAYS time. Don't stress and go all or nothing to lose that last 10lbs. Take it one pound at a time, enjoy the process. There is also always cupcakes, they are in every store everywhere. You don't have to eat the free ones at the office. There is always cardio to do, a walk, a run, a stairmaster session. ALWAYS make time for cupcakes and cardio, cardio more than the first.
3) Eat real food. Eat carbs, just eat the right ones. Don't freak out too much about it. Eat real food, not food products. Food "products" (processed foods) give us that little belly fat that we find pushing over our jeans. Its the nachos, the ice cream, the bagels, the sunchips. Go for green, gold, blue, red and yellow. Produce doesn't have a label to read. that's a win.
4) You can do anything for ____ amount of time. From my roller derby days. When I was a jammer, it was 2 minutes of hard skating, getting blocked (HARD) by girls (some big girls) whose only goal was to see you splattered on the ground. Sometimes it was over fast, often it went the whole 2 minutes. There is NOTHING like having to push through the pack, get up, get up, push, sprint, sprint more, get up more for 2 min, but it's only 2 min (2 weeks, 30 min, 21 days, 26 miles) and what ever the time frame is, you can do it. Just go 2 more min. Its not that bad.

5)Reverse diet. When you do a show or a photo shoot or something that you get SUPER lean for (not a goal like wedding or reunion, get fit for that and STAY FIT!!), come off it by slowly, SLOWLY adding some normal foods back in. Food--like real food. And just reverse the strictness of it, stick with the workout routines and you should be good.
6) Have a tipping point. Like a pair of pants, a number on the scale etc and when you hit that or creep to the edge of it, don't peek over, turn and run, throw the cupcake down and FLEE!! You can do it.
DEAD LIFT Article:
Wow, thank you to Jason and Brad at Faith & Fitness magazine for asking me to be one of FOUR contributors to the great article on one of my FAVE moves--the deadlift! The link is below, like, share, read comment and LIFT!  
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