Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Forward motion: a body in motion, stays in motion

How hard is it to GET MOVING once you have stopped? 
I used to skate roller derby and the HARDEST thing about the bouts, was not the HITS, checks, sprinting or all the bad calls from the refs... it wasn't even the falls. It was getting back UP, creating momentum again, to get moving once you have stopped. 

The key then is not to STOP. Derby is different, getting knocked off your block and your momentum stolen is out of your hands, but things in life feel our of our hands too right? Kids, work, illness, even FEAR at times. Here are a few ways to Create FORWARD Motion and STAY IN MOTION. 

iPhone check ins:Set an alarm. Daily, weekly, monthly, WHEN ever you need to check in. Every Monday? Step on the scale, more than 4lbs from your goal? High gear. Thursday at noon? Yoga upstairs in the office? Saturday afternoon? Time to cook some protein for a few days of meals... you get the idea. YOUR the boss of your forward motion. So set an alarm, keep a meeting with yourself and create that forward motion. 

1 Push up Rule: All you have to do is one. One push up, even on your knees or how ever you get it done. It's a small step, but once you are down on the floor to do one, chances are you can and WILL do more. Tell yourself you just need to do one and do it. Silly is as silly does and by continuing to set a goal and meet or EXCEED it, you create forward motion. 

Break it down: Write out your goals one at a time. Start small, by ALL means start small.Write out what you want, when you want it by. Write out small steps you WILL take and your vision of how you want to walk out your journey. People are 70% more likely to achieve goals if they are written out, so take your pen to paper and move it on forward.  

Creative Accounting: with each choice ask yourself: at the end of the day, will this add too or subtract from my forward motion? It takes the pressure out of having "GOOD" or "BAD"or even perfect days. Just win the choice in front of you, all the other choices will come when they come. It's the one day or ONE CHOICE at a time.. Chose wisely--its life accounting. 

In home, online: Hire a trainer to meet you in the basement for a workout before dinner (or better YET, while your hunny makes dinner!) Bust out the ipad and do a 20 min fitness blender workout online locked away from the laundry. It's Mommy or Daddy's time... you can't draw from an empty well, but you dont have to spend an hour at the gym to do it. 

Friendly fire: get a friend to call you out, help you out and help you UP when you are down. Someone who is honest, who loves you and who will tell you how it is. Then recruit them to go on a journey WITH you... Success loves company to! 

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