Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Over coming HOLIDAY Hurdles!!

Do you dread them? Enjoy them? Relish them or wish them over? 
Here are some guides to getting over your HOLIDAY HURDLES and on to healthy habits. 

No, its not about always eating healthy. It's FAR from perfection, it's reality. The reality is that we need to find healthy, happy ways to navigate the holiday foods lest we lose our minds. 

The average person gains, YES GAINS,(not #gainzbro)seven, YES SEVEN pounds over the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. They then spend half the cost of a CAR and 6 months trying to get that weight off, only to do it again the following year. Sound JOLLY and JOYFUL TO YOU? I didn't think so. 

I love food. I am currently debating whether to have my sister-in-laws amazing pumpkin pecan pie OR mashed potatoes and gravy in just a few days at Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy one of those items and not stress what else I eat that day. It doesn't mean I am PERFECT, but it means I have a GAME PLAN to get over those hurdles I know I have tripped over in the past.

Family time: 
Thanksgiving is about being thankful for your LIFE. Whether your family is small, large, or not even related to you, keep your focus on the gratitude that you are loved. That you have shelter, food, God on your side and hopefully loved ones around you. Enjoy that first and foremost. 

Celebrate that day, not that week:
Take the DAY and enjoy it, celebrate it, eat the pie, drink the nog, but don't stretch it out. It's a DAY, not a setback or a mindset till Monday. 

  • Don't take leftovers home unless its protein
  • Be active Thanksgiving night and the next day
  • Don't alter your routine on Friday-Saturday or through the weekend. 

Remember: treats (sweets, breads, even MASHED POTATOES) are available everyday of the year.
We feel like we HAVE to have a little of everything, because its there, but that's a mindset of deprivation. CREATE a mindset of ABUNDANCE and eat from that. Make wise choices, half your plate of veggies, sweets in moderation and YES, by all means a few things you LOVE. 

Stick with protein for round two: One hurdle of mind is round TWO in the turkey ring. I can out eat big men and still be standing. But it doesn't mean I should. Keep round two, post nap eating to protein and veggies! Have a sandwich and then go play some foot ball. Leave the sweets to the sidelines. 

Plan an active event: Instead of laying around the rest of the day or even Friday, plan to get OUT and about. 

  • a football game
  • a walk
  • bowling 
  • and if your brave enough, shopping... 
Either way, the idea is to PLAN to get out and move. It will get you away from the leftovers, off the couch and into a little calorie burn. 

Keep your head up, KNOW Your game plan, HIT those hurdles, before they trip you up. Most of all, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. That means yes, have some of your sister-in-laws pie, play tag, go for a run to burn that bird...enjoy it all and be grateful for the journey. 

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