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Blog Challenge: why my pants don't fit & 3 ways healthy fats work FOR you

I was challenged to blog by Carly over at Chubby Chics Run Too. It's been a while since we both have blogged, so it was a challenge to do it by Friday (TODAY!) One of the jokes of it was, "what am I going to blog about, why my pants don't fit? And actually... YES. That's my topic today... And with good reason.


Scary, yes. That means I have intentionally gained weight. 
I have done it mostly clean, like 80% clean. There have been treats along the way and LOTS of rice, sweet potatoes and protein. LOTS of lifting as well and ZERO cardio. I am hovering at about 137 to 140 pounds and its kind of scary and exciting as well.  

It's my grand experiment: can I get cut and lean near 140 like i can near 120?? The scale doesn't define me and it isn't ruling me. The number for me just represents energy. The food I am eating: energy. The sleep I am getting: energy.

STILL,  I've spent the last 10 years of my life losing weight and getting ripped, so this feels backwards, but I dictate what I do with my fitness and nutrition. Before I was in bondage to all the unhealthy habits-- not this time.

I struggled a little in January with eating clean under stress... who am I kidding, I struggled a lot with it. My mom was in an accident and spent Dec-Jan-Feb-March in and out of the hospital and is FINALLY home in her own house recouping. This caused stress and I ate out of it...when I was about 5# into my stress eating, I decided I was going to switch gears to a bulk. I did, It worked and now I am hanging out in these higher numbers and....
My pants don't fit.
But my bootay is popping.
My lifts are spot on.
I am focused on form and activating my muscles properly for growth.
I am eating healthy clean carbs. Proteins. Healthy fats and seeing the results I want. For right now.

120 lbs in October 2014 (left)
 137 in April 2015(right)
In its simplest form, the energy balance equation is meant to represent what does (or at least should) happen to the body by looking at the difference between energy intake (from food) and energy output.
In it’s exceedingly simplest form, the energy balance equation is this:
Energy in = Energy out + Change in Body Stores
This is essentially just a restatement of basic thermodynamics, since energy can’t be created or destroyed, it all has to be accounted for in some form or fashion.  In this case, differences between intake and output show up as changes in the energy stores of the body. (
I love the above statement and article, how DIFFERENT is our view of "MASS" or "Fat" if we see it as ENERGY. Stored, there for use and see our "gain" or "loss" as transferring it in the simplest form?! Even if that energy transfer takes a while, like spooning water from one bucket to the next.. it WILL create lasting change in our body stores. I LOVE THIS EXAMPLE, this is my grand experiment.

3 ways healthy fats work FOR you
I LOVE healthy fats... It's your friend, I promise.

1) Healthy fat burns body fat- going low or no fat is a huge mistake when your looking for weight loss or even overall health. When good, natural fat is replaced with chemicals and artificial sweeteners, its detrimental to your fat loss.

Healthy fats BOOST your metabolism, turns on fat burning genes and turns off fat storage genes. Healthy fats support hormone balance for better workout recovery. A healthy metabolism is going to aid in fat loss and healthy fats are amazing fuels!

2) Increased Brain function & increased energy-- fat is flavor, but fat is fuel too. DHA found in Omega 3's and other saturated fats have been shown to improve mood, keeping healthy serotonin in the brain high --which means you feel good! Enough EPA and DHA has been shown to reduce signs of ADD, ADHD, depression, increase memory, cognitive function and MORE.

3)Body composition and decreased disease: healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado increase metabolism and decrease insulin sensitivity which can keep inflammation in check. Inflammation, especially in our gut is the root cause of MOST disease.  Fat is filling, so being satiated with healthy fats will decrease cravings for unhealthy foods and decrease potential binges!  


Welcome back to my blog, I may be here a little more often and than you to Carly for her encouragement to get back in the saddle. Stay tuned for part two of my grand experiment where I wear yoga pants 24/7.

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