Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday Word & Weight: Rear Cable Fly

Word & Weight

Isaiah 55:12    
You will go out in JOY and be led forth in peace; 
the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, 
and all the trees of the field will clap their hands!

Welcome back Wednesday Word & Weight where I share scripture and a favorite workout move from my arsenal. It's been quite a while since I have written a word and weight, but I love this certain blog post because often when I am working out, I am being PUSHED and STRETCHED physically and it draws me close to God, close to his plan and calling for me. And then in the middle of all the reps and sets, I am reminded of his love, his gift of Jesus, or a scripture that speaks to what I am walking through in life. 

Today, on Facebook I saw, a verse from Isaiah 55. We WILL go out in Joy, out into the world, into less than ideal circumstances, into sometimes pain, but we WILL do it in Joy. I have traded my RAGS for the oil of JOY, oil which is a fuel for my lamp-stand. Joy which is the light that burns because of God's spirit in me.

AND I will be led forth in PEACE. The peace, not from myself, self created, self taught or found, but LED by the peace of God, it goes out in front of me, like an outstretched hand, an offering a promise for me to grab ahold of and keep!

The earth, all of it, will BURST into song, the trees will clap, the hills will sing when God's very reign of peace and joy are our vehicle for the day. How can the earth KEEP from praising God... it can't. 

Rear Cable Fly 

This is an absolute MUST add to your shoulder routine. Go slow, pause at the top of the move, feel the burn, keep that blood flowing to the rear delts. The move is essential for having a rounded out shoulder routine, hitting all the different angles of your delts and getting that sweet shape. Don't neglect the REAR DELTS!! 

Be well, happy lifting! 

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