Monday, December 5, 2016

We are FREE to chose!!

We all have that choice, maybe you had it this morning, your alarm goes off, you roll over, do you hit snooze or do you get up and start your day? All day long there are choices-once we are up we get to chose: start with a healthy breakfast or frantically grab something, hit the gym or push it off, take a little bit with God or hurry on to our own agenda.  

My friend and author Stef Peters would say, "Are you living your life by design or by default?" We have a choice daily to do one or the other. I know that I feel better when I am making clear choices, ahead of time, for my life, health and faith instead of just handling things as they are thrown at me. I have already spent too much of my life in "damage control" mode. 

Of course, no day is perfect and sometimes we need that extra hour of sleep, a day to recover from cross-fit or a sweet treat with our kids on a hot day. But I'm talking about being prepared to make choices that fit with our desires, with the direction we are going, choices that bring us CLOSER to God and to our goal. The bible says "Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses." Deuteronomy 30:19... So we are to chose and we are FREE to chose. 

What does that freedom look like? God's desire is that we chose him, chose life, chose what is good, right and pure. We can chose to take care of ourselves, be active, hit the gym, go for a walk and play with the dog. Or we can chose to sit on the couch after work, eat junk food, We can chose to skip the workout, opt for a second helping or give into a temptation that can harm our temple. 

The beauty is that daily we have a choice, daily it's life or death before us. Not in a perfectionist way, death isn't going to knock on your door if you have a cupcake with your girlfriends on your birthday, but if God is calling you to beat sugar, then LIFE and freedom is in choosing that. If he has called you to it, he will equip you to do it, we are not alone in it! 

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