Monday, June 12, 2017

Six Steps to a more HEALTHY life!

6 ways to step toward a more healthy LIFE!

Taking steps toward a healthy life doesn't have to be hard! As a matter of fact, it can be easy. Step by step, making one SIMPLE change per month can create a NEW lifestyle of healthy habits in no time at all! Create the NEW habits and you will replace the OLD! Here are a few tips to get started! 

1) Identify your goal- always start with a specific goal. Weight Watchers made me pick a goal weight. You don't always have to have an end weight set in stone, but you should have some sort of goal: 10% of my current weight, this pair of pants, being able to climb X number of stairs while still breathing. A specific goal is one that will be attained, you can always add on to that with additional specific goals later. But if you have no goal, you won't even know what kind of result you want to see! 

2) Get a partner- A walking partner to meet up at the park, a girl friend to meet you at the gym for yoga, someone to join Jenny Craig or WW with you, a co-worker that wants to quit smoking and walk instead! A personal trainer to help you through and work you and motivate! We all know that doing anything alone is much harder than when we have someone with us, find a partner! 

3) Do one thing a week to make a change- You don't have to go ALL out at one time! Don't set yourself up to fail, focus on success of one thing a week. Drink your water, eat more salad, walk on your lunch break, look into a gym membership, skip that smoke break, cut the calories at happy hour, park in the farthest spot! Focus on your one lifestyle change and hit that one thing with fervor and build on that! 

 4) Write it down- It is PROVEN that when we write down every bite we take, we will shed more excess.  You will 1) be surprised by how much we nibble and snack and 2) you will really get a picture of what your diet consists of. Take one day and write down what you eat, even that handful of M&M's, even that Ranch dressing. Track your activity too and see how the two collide and the results! 

5) Think of food as fuel- Food and water at their most basic are fuel for us whether we are marathon runners or stay at home Mom's, food helps us get through our day and fuel us along! Check out sites like Spark people to plug in your food for the day and see where you are lacking in nutrients or where you are indulging! Water too is vital for energy, weight loss and flushing toxins! Our bodies are amazing machines, created to use food as fuel as well as enjoyment.

6) Process- Don't avoid the hard stuff. This journey of healthiness is a lifelong process and being in that mind set will help! There will be ups and downs, there will be days you would like to hit Control- Alt-Delete. We all have them, but don't let them add up to feelings of defeat! Just lift your head high and move on making your NEXT choice, no matter how small, a good one. 

What is your one FAVE tip that helps you stay on your healthy journey?? 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Creating total Wellness Pt. 1

I would like to talk about this today, because it is SO important to me.
I have a heart for helping people in all areas of their lives and that is the definition of total fitness:

A condition reached through striving to optimize life in all aspects: Social, mental, psychological, spiritual and physical.

It is a multidimensional state that strives toward the highest quality of life in all those area's. Total fitness and wellness go hand in hand. A person may be fit, but if a deficit exists in another of a few key area's, this will detract from their overall wellness. When that happens, stress comes in and starts to chip away at the physical health that once was. Stress can create free radicals, cortisol, high blood pressure and even depression. 

Physical activity plays a part in this. When you are active, you release FEEL GOOD hormones, that combat feelings of sadness and stress. Usually fit People are members of a community too which can grow socially. The amazing things we learn about our own capabilities when we workout boost our VIEW of self and in turn out self esteem. A person should be growing and developing in all of these areas. Physical fitness enhances the other areas and visa versa!

Have you ever noticed that if you are stressed out at work
 or a personal relationship is strained, it can affect 
the rest of your life and affect the way you feel physically?

Have you noticed as well that if you are not finding
 or making time for fitness, you may be doing well in other
 area's but maybe lack energy or are a little blue?

The physically fit and overall well person strives for the highest quality of life: positive emotional feelings, meaningful relationships, involvement in your environment and the physical capacity to strive for personal goals!

Wellness consists of being "healthy" in these important areas: emotional, physical, financial, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, social... Not that each are perfect or even in an illusion of "balance" but in a healthy ebb and flow through the seasons of each. 

Is there something in your life that is blocking you from experiencing freedom? 

How can you make a change to create the environment where you can cultivate that freedom?

 What can you say no to, eliminate or limit right now to step deeper into  overall wellness?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Grow yourself & Stretch yourself

Lately I have been thinking about ALL the aspects of working out that we don't always place importance on. EVERYONE does cardio, classes, strength training, barre training, crossfit... But for me, I am thinking of stretching, massage and foam rolling. 

It's so important to make sure out bodies and muscles are recovering properly with SLEEP, FOOD, and RECOVERY. You don't see growth and gains if you never ever take rest!!

Muscles are just like FAITH, to see growth we need to stretch them and JUST like Jesus went to the wilderness to rest and be with God to stay on the right path, we need to rest and do all we can for recovery to be on the right path.

Recently I was scolded by a massage therapist for how I sleep which is causing trouble with my muscles. She gave me stretches to do, she suggested new ways to lay at night and she suggested a few more trips to her to get the problem areas fixed!

I trust her, it's her job to do the bodywork I need, and massage releases tension so my muscles can relax, recover and grow! PLUS what she is doing will aid in sleep and that is a huge part of recovery. Our muscles rebuild and repair when we take breaks from working out and when we sleep, it's ESSENTIAL to recovery!

I am also doing more foam rolling, probably about 3 times a week on my legs specifically and always after a heavy leg day or the day before one. Tight ITbands and hammies have been throwing other areas out of whack and affecting my health too, everything is SO intertwined!

With ALL I do to build and work muscles, they need to be properly taken care of: rest, stretches, recovery and PEACE will prosper us body, soul and spirit! 

PEACE will reign in our hearts if we are focused on God first!
Peace inside is essential to rest of all kinds, need peace? Turn here: Deuteronomy 29:29, James 1:5-7, Psalm 62:7, Psalm 6:6-9, Isaiah 26:3-- set your mind on Christ and his word and find peace!!

Friday, February 3, 2017

February Heart Healthy tips

February Heart Healthy tips! 

It's FEBRUARY... which means LOVE is in the air, and chocolate and desserts.  Heart health is SO important, it's the key to longevity and vitality. Heart health goes a long way to preventing cardiovascular disease, High blood pressure, high cholesterol and can be kept under control with SIMPLE Lifestyle changes!

Watch salt and sugar: People are so concerned with calories that they often over look sodium and sugar in foods! Limit sugars to natural sources like fruits and steer clear of sodium laden foods like fast food, processed and frozen foods. 

Get those Omega-3's in!! Salmon, oatmeal, walnuts are great sources. Or you can take Udo's oil, flax oil or fish oil daily to cover it, either way it's heart healthy! 

Get your heart pumping with at least 30 minutes of activity a day for general health. Keep active, moving and breathless when you are working out and you  increase your capacity to use oxygen. The more your heart can use, the more fit you are! 

Reduce stress in your life! Eliminate obligations and situations that keep you under unhealthy pressure, limit time with strenuous people and toxic relationships! You can clear your schedule as fast as you filled it and your heart will thank you. 

  Walk in forgiveness. Holding resentments will only hurt you and have been linked to stress related illness. Don't drink poison hoping someone else will die, walk in love and forgiveness and HEALTH for your heart, LITERALLY! 

Happy HEART Month!! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

10 ways to make THIS your best year!

Whether you do a resolution or a ONE word challenge, people crave change when the new year rolls around. Yet a staggering 80% of us won't see our "goals" through to February even! Here are 10 ways you can assure that this year, every year even, is your BEST!

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. ~ Tony Robbins

10) Write your goals: ALWAYS write your goals, dreams, plans, aspirations down. Even if it's on a napkin at the coffee shop when inspiration it and you will be more inclined to succeed and actually DO them, than if you just keep them in your head! Always write down goals. 

9) Use your FEAR: I always saw fear as failure, I saw it as weakness, but fear is just another step to where you are going. We can embrace our imperfections, our fears, acknowledge them and take the power back into our own hands. We mold a step that takes us to the next level, use your fears to move forward: they are either true or false, but either way, they can be turned around for good! 

8)  FIND your successes: success creates momentum! Write them down somewhere even if just in a little notebook for your own eyes, that you DID what you said you would, that you were successful! When you SEEK to find your successes you will encourage yourself, so when you need that boost, you can go back and see what you have done, what you KNOW you can do again. 

7) FOCUS on right reasons: ALWAYS go after goals for the right reasons!! Be true to your own self and don't let corrupt reasoning in!  In the end, what you dream of and desire can not be to please others. It could be to help them, it SHOULD be to encourage and love them, but not to please them. We are out to please God, so if your dreams are on track with his will, go after them and do it with love, integrity and pure reasons! 

6) Take REST: Go to sleep early, take a day off of training and time to relax and rest, it's good for the mind and the spirit. You can not draw from an empty well, so refill your self with rest to be your best! 

5) Don't sacrifice what you need: Obligations, other people, projects, dishes etc....they will always be there. I know that when they are there, they can clamor and demand attention. Don't sacrifice your priorities for all this external clamor. Need to read your bible? But the Voicemail on...Need to get a run in? Drop the kids at your Mom's for an hour...need to get healthy meals made? Make it a POINT to get to the pause to get done what needs to get done for you.  

) PLAN to WIN: If we plan to win, we will be prepared for our BEST game, our BEST performance, our BEST day!! Why plan any other way? Reread the quote at the top of the blog, even failures are stepping stones to the win, if we use them the right way!! Simply plan to win and in the end all your little plans will add up to the big WIN! For now, AIM HIGH, but only if you really want it....  

3) Take the leap: "Well done is better than well said..." Ben Franklin said that. If you want to DO something, do it, TAKE that leap! Better to show you mean business than to talk about it! Want to change? DO! Want to try new things? TRY! Take the leap, the net will appear and you will not be sorry! 

2) Don't wait: There really is no time like the present. When we wait for PERFECT circumstances there will never be any...imperfect moments add up to perfect memories when we take the risk and move forward! Don't wait, today is the day to say, "YES..."

1) Focus on God: I am sure I have many readers who are not as interested in a life of faith as I am, but God is active in all of our lives! Some of us talk to him daily, some when we need help, others never... but he is there. If you seek him, you will find him. If you need him, he will be there when you call....if you focus on him: on loving him, on lifting him up, on his goodness, it's a game can sit at his feet and love and RECEIVE LOVE and overcome obstacles, achieve goals and get ahead in life, but simply RESTING there in your focused time with him. 

All NINE of these other tasks fall under this MAIN one, but it's a risk, it's a BIG leap and if you are serious about success and JOY in life, it's a MUST DO, don't wait! When we risk big, we reap the BEST rewards, HE is the best reward we could have...  Happy New Year! 
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