Monday, February 13, 2017

Creating total Wellness Pt. 1

I would like to talk about this today, because it is SO important to me.
I have a heart for helping people in all areas of their lives and that is the definition of total fitness:

A condition reached through striving to optimize life in all aspects: Social, mental, psychological, spiritual and physical.

It is a multidimensional state that strives toward the highest quality of life in all those area's. Total fitness and wellness go hand in hand. A person may be fit, but if a deficit exists in another of a few key area's, this will detract from their overall wellness. When that happens, stress comes in and starts to chip away at the physical health that once was. Stress can create free radicals, cortisol, high blood pressure and even depression. 

Physical activity plays a part in this. When you are active, you release FEEL GOOD hormones, that combat feelings of sadness and stress. Usually fit People are members of a community too which can grow socially. The amazing things we learn about our own capabilities when we workout boost our VIEW of self and in turn out self esteem. A person should be growing and developing in all of these areas. Physical fitness enhances the other areas and visa versa!

Have you ever noticed that if you are stressed out at work
 or a personal relationship is strained, it can affect 
the rest of your life and affect the way you feel physically?

Have you noticed as well that if you are not finding
 or making time for fitness, you may be doing well in other
 area's but maybe lack energy or are a little blue?

The physically fit and overall well person strives for the highest quality of life: positive emotional feelings, meaningful relationships, involvement in your environment and the physical capacity to strive for personal goals!

Wellness consists of being "healthy" in these important areas: emotional, physical, financial, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, social... Not that each are perfect or even in an illusion of "balance" but in a healthy ebb and flow through the seasons of each. 

Is there something in your life that is blocking you from experiencing freedom? 

How can you make a change to create the environment where you can cultivate that freedom?

 What can you say no to, eliminate or limit right now to step deeper into  overall wellness?

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