Monday, June 12, 2017

Six Steps to a more HEALTHY life!

6 ways to step toward a more healthy LIFE!

Taking steps toward a healthy life doesn't have to be hard! As a matter of fact, it can be easy. Step by step, making one SIMPLE change per month can create a NEW lifestyle of healthy habits in no time at all! Create the NEW habits and you will replace the OLD! Here are a few tips to get started! 

1) Identify your goal- always start with a specific goal. Weight Watchers made me pick a goal weight. You don't always have to have an end weight set in stone, but you should have some sort of goal: 10% of my current weight, this pair of pants, being able to climb X number of stairs while still breathing. A specific goal is one that will be attained, you can always add on to that with additional specific goals later. But if you have no goal, you won't even know what kind of result you want to see! 

2) Get a partner- A walking partner to meet up at the park, a girl friend to meet you at the gym for yoga, someone to join Jenny Craig or WW with you, a co-worker that wants to quit smoking and walk instead! A personal trainer to help you through and work you and motivate! We all know that doing anything alone is much harder than when we have someone with us, find a partner! 

3) Do one thing a week to make a change- You don't have to go ALL out at one time! Don't set yourself up to fail, focus on success of one thing a week. Drink your water, eat more salad, walk on your lunch break, look into a gym membership, skip that smoke break, cut the calories at happy hour, park in the farthest spot! Focus on your one lifestyle change and hit that one thing with fervor and build on that! 

 4) Write it down- It is PROVEN that when we write down every bite we take, we will shed more excess.  You will 1) be surprised by how much we nibble and snack and 2) you will really get a picture of what your diet consists of. Take one day and write down what you eat, even that handful of M&M's, even that Ranch dressing. Track your activity too and see how the two collide and the results! 

5) Think of food as fuel- Food and water at their most basic are fuel for us whether we are marathon runners or stay at home Mom's, food helps us get through our day and fuel us along! Check out sites like Spark people to plug in your food for the day and see where you are lacking in nutrients or where you are indulging! Water too is vital for energy, weight loss and flushing toxins! Our bodies are amazing machines, created to use food as fuel as well as enjoyment.

6) Process- Don't avoid the hard stuff. This journey of healthiness is a lifelong process and being in that mind set will help! There will be ups and downs, there will be days you would like to hit Control- Alt-Delete. We all have them, but don't let them add up to feelings of defeat! Just lift your head high and move on making your NEXT choice, no matter how small, a good one. 

What is your one FAVE tip that helps you stay on your healthy journey?? 

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